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Liverpool’s Top Ten Selling Shirts (You Won’t Believe Number Six)

Liverpool released a new home kit, and the top ten sellers make for an interesting but predictable list. Except number six. Which is so out there we're burning our one free click-bait title coupon on it.

No, number six wasn't Benteke or Skrtel. Good guess, though.
No, number six wasn't Benteke or Skrtel. Good guess, though.
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Liverpool Football Club today revealed the top ten sellers for the club’s new, 2016-17 home kit. And you won’t believe who came in sixth. Seriously. Like if we gave you thirty guesses you’d probably get to Lazar Markovic and Pedro Chirivella before getting it right.

Also, Lazar Markovic and Pedro Chirivella didn’t make the cut. Sorry, guys. You’ll probably believe who came in tenth, though, as new goalkeeper signing Loris Karius was just barely sexy enough to get a few people to overlook just how horrible the new neon green ‘keeper kit is and sneak it in under the wire.

Number nine and eight, then, aren’t major surprises. They’re a little dull. A little predictable. But hey sometimes you want reliable in your life. Or at least enough people want it to make James Milner number nine and captain Jordan Henderson number eight. Fellow Englishman Adam Lallana then comes in at seven.

Number five—you didn’t think we’d let you know six just yet, did you?—is Divock Origi, who not only has the club’s fifth-highest selling new home kit, he also had the same goal per minute return last season as Harry Kane and Jamie Vardy as he found his footing in England. Good job with that worst of the year thing, L’Equipe.

Then, the top four. You know the top four. It’s Daniel Sturridge, and then it’s Emre Can, and then it’s Roberto Firmino, and then it’s Philippe Coutinho. You could have guessed all of them and only got the order wrong, but now you’re thinking, with all the players chosen, who could have come in sixth? Lovren? Clyne?

Drum roll, please: It's Simon Mignolet. Liverpool’s probably-not-number-one goalkpeeper who most assumed was on his way out even before the signing of Karius was confirmed. The man with the second worst saves per goal ratio in the EPL. With one of the ugliest ‘keeper kits in Liverpool history. Came in sixth.

A little bit more proof, if any was needed, that some people really do have more money than sense.

Liverpool’s top ten 2016-17 home shirts:

10. Loris Karius
9. James Milner
8. Jordan Henderson
7. Adam Lallana
6. Simon Mignolet
5. Divock Origi
4. Daniel Sturridge
3. Emre Can
2. Roberto Firmino
1. Philippe Coutinho

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