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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Not Interested in Germany's Jonas Hector

Twitter was a-flutter with reports that Liverpool were interested in FC Cologne left-back Jonas Hector, but those rumours have since been debunked.

Marc Mueller/Getty Images

Welcome to summer transfer season on Twitter, where even the smallest rumour can gain serious traction. Over the course of Friday night and Saturday morning, reports began to surface that Liverpool were in talks to bring German left-back Jonas Hector to Anfield this summer.

With Jürgen Klopp looking to put his stamp on his squad this summer, it makes sense that Liverpool will be connected with any number of German players. Hector is one who made a lot of sense because it is known that Klopp is in the market for a left-back to replace or provide competition with Alberto Moreno. However, in the aftermath of the Twitter explosion, the Liverpool Echo as well as several prominent journalists on Twitter, including Ben Smith, have refuted the claim that the team has any interest in the player at this time.

Alas, it seems like it'll be back to the drawing board for Liverpool fans as July draws near. So far, the only rumour with any legs has been with Leicester City's Ben Chilwell. Despite the feeling of urgency in all fans once the season ends and the transfer speculation begins, the window hasn't even opened yet. There's plenty of time for Liverpool to be linked with a hundred -- nay, a thousand -- left-backs before the next season begins.

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