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Liverpool and Watford Agree to £4 Million Fee for Sinclair

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The two Premier League sides will avoid a lengthy tribunal over the compensation for striker Jerome Sinclair, agreeing to a £4 million fee on the eve of the transfer window.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Good news for those of us who don't want to read and/or write about Jerome Sinclair's training compensation tribunal for the next 10 months: there won't be one! Instead, Watford and Liverpool agreed upon a £4 million fee for the 19-year-old English striker.

The fee is significantly more than Watford's last offering of £1.5 million during the January transfer window, and much closer to Bournemouth's April offering of £4 million plus add-ons. Playing hardball with Watford seems to have paid off, particularly in an offseason that has already seen other youth prospects Joao Carlos Teixeira and Jordan Rossiter depart the club for cut-rate £250,000 compensation fees.

The agreement is particularly surprising, as it seemed like negotiations between the clubs were at an impasse. Sinclair, for his part, was already out the door, having agreed to a contract with Watford back in May (and prior to that having made Liverpool fan favorite Aidy Ward his agent back in December).

Although Sinclair showed some promise at the academy, he only made a total of five senior appearances for Liverpool, and did not appear to be interested in continuing to push for a spot in the squad. But for those of us interested in Liverpool trivia, his name will be noteworthy as he is currently the youngest player to make a senior appearance, debuting against West Brom in the League Cup at 16 years and 6 days.

Best of luck in your new digs, Jerome. We can only assume that you'll almost certainly score against us next season.