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Rumour Mongering: Higuain Is Still Not A Thing

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For approximately the one millionth time in the last month, no Gonzalo Higuain is not coming to Liverpool.

"Is my brother flirting with Klopp again?"
"Is my brother flirting with Klopp again?"
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Two unrelated occurrences happened this summer, which, when combined has had the unfortunate knock-on effect of swamping Liverpool sites with an unending stream of Higuain to Merseyside stories. The first is the on-going refusal of the 28-year-old Argentinian striker to put pen to paper and extend his contract with his current club Napoli. The second is that Jürgen Klopp was apparently spotted watching the Copa America next to Nicolas Higuain, the player's brother and agent.

Regardless how unlikely the transfer seems, the rumor has become a zombie, refusing to die no matter how many times it has been shot and buried. In an attempt to put this rumor down (among others) Nicolas spoke on Italian radio about the on-going situation.

"I've never talked about Gonzalo with other clubs as a matter of respect" Nicolas said. "I've been in Argentina for a month, I was also in Paris to see PSG because I have other French players as clients and many friends in football, but now I see everywhere that I met Klopp too but none of this is true.

"I don't need to talk about my brother with the Parisian club, if PSG want to talk they have to call [president Aurelio] De Laurentiis, not me."

So, even though photographic evidence shows Klopp and Nicolas Higuain together, they apparently didn't "meet." Perhaps they were just watching a football match with some of the world's best players. Or perhaps Nicolas was secretly angling for a world famous Klopp hug (no shame in that).

The most likely situation, of course, is that meetings have taken place, but the agent and brother of the star striker is trying to protect his client and potential future business partners. Either way, it doesn't appear that this is a move that Liverpool are likely to complete.