Did you know the transfer window hasn't actually opened? NOW THE RUMORS CAN REALLY START!

As you know, deals have been going down for the last two months or more, but the window doesn't officially open until July 1. I know, I know, and our grapefruit spoons are already sharpened, then blunted, and sharpened again this year with transfer rumor season now seemingly an endless process instead of focused around the summer and January. Liverpool seem to have the main makings of their squad already in place, assuming a core is already locked and loaded with a first choice XI of...

[one of Karius/Mignolet]; Clyne, [two of Matip, Lovren, Sakho], Moreno; Henderson, Can; Mane, Firmino, Coutinho; [one of Origi/Sturridge].

Then add the other of Origi/Sturridge, Ings, Lallana, and one or two between Ibe, Markovic, and Ojo as attacking depth; Milner, I'm assuming Zielinski comes in after Poland is done in the Euros, and a batch of kids competing for midfield spots with Grujic first and foremost among them, but Branagan, Stewart, Chirivella, maybe Luis Alberto, also in the mix; Lucas and Gomez joining the remainder from Matip/Lovren/Sakho as CB depth, and a signing (Chillwell?) competing for minutes at FB along with Flanagan, Brad Smith I guess, and [needs one more]. Mignolet backs up Karius, unless he wins the starting role over the new kid.

That's not a bad group, though it could be considered light in midfield and at fullback beyond the starters (if not including starters depending on how one rates Henderson and Moreno). But it appears easily top four capable if that primary first team core of starters + Ings, Lallana, Milner, Lucas, and Flanagan can be healthy throughout the long season. We probably add one or two more to the mix, maybe three, since it seems we want at least one midfielder (the aforementioned Zielinski seeming most likely), and one fullback (not sure who with Chillwell negotiations seemingly at an impasse), and could arguably use one more CM or FB beyond that too (see below).

That leaves open for sale or loan: Bogdan, Ward, Fulton, Ilori, Skrtel, Wisdom, Joe Allen, Luis Alberto, Balotelli, Benteke, at least one of Ibe/Lazar/Ojo, most likely Sergi Canos is out, and then of course Brazilian Panda and Taiwo Awoniyi and Ryan Kent and all the other kids on the academy and first team borderline.

And in terms of the squad listings (* meaning must be locally produced livestock):

1- Karius

2- Mignolet

3- Moreno

4- Matip

5- Lovren

6- Sakho

7- Can

8- Coutinho

9- Firmino

10- Lucas

11- Lazar

12- Origi

13- Mane

14- Zielinski or other signing

15- Brad Smith or starting caliber FB signing

16- 3rd keeper?

17- Benteke or Balo or Luis Alberto or Ilori or Wisdom or Joe Allen among others who may not make the exit door by Septemeber

18*- Stewart

19*- Ings

20*- Flanagan

21*- Clyne

22*- Lallana

23*- Milner

24*- Henderson

25*- Sturridge

Depth chart style, I'm thinking:

Keeper - Karius/Migs, (may want to keep one more just in case?)

RB - Clyne, Flanagan, Randall?/other (this is why the horses are nervous)

CB - Matip/Lovren, Lucas

CB - Sakho/Lovren, Gomez

LB - Moreno, Flafu/Smith?, Chilwell or another youth? (really, really nervous cause WHEN WILL THIS PROBLEM EVER BE FIXED?!?!?!?!?!)

CM - Can, Milner, Lucas, Grujic/Zielinski/Stewart/Branagan/Chirivella/other

CM - Henderson, Milner, Lucas, slashline above (hence my curiosity on desires here, and just how ready they think the kids are for more prominent roles including young and relatively inexperienced newbies in Grujic and Zielinski, or Dahoud if he's the one. Not to mention Milner may be needed/better suited helping out the AM group)

AM- Mane, Lallana, Milner, Ings, kids

AM- Firmino, Lallana, Milner, Ings, kids

AM- Coutinho, Lallana, Milner, Ings, kids (including at least one of Lazar, Ibe, and Ojo, perhaps Sergi Canos comes to terms or an unexpected rise from a Kent or Harry Wilson, etc, and the rumored desired CM signings of Zielinski and Dahoud have the versatility to work in this band too ala Joe Allen)

ST- Origi/Sturridge, Ings, then Firmino if needed.

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