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Sakho to Teach Mane About the Beauty of Liverpool Country

Mamadou Sakho, with plenty of time on his hands, decides to send a warm welcome to Liverpool’s likely new signing, Sadio Mané.

Southampton v Liverpool - Premier League
If anything Sakho has been too nice to Mané.
Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho found himself with some extra time off this summer due to his ill-advised consumption of fat burners, and the UEFA investigation that followed thereafter. So, instead of helping out his French international teammates compete for European glory on home soil, he’s been wowing crowds with his mad ball juggling skills, and appearing on Senegalese television to discuss Liverpool’s impending brand spankin' new signing Sadio Mané.

"Mané will learn the beauty of this club," Sakho told the assembled TV panel. "We met a couple of times. Yes, of course [I will help him settle at the club]. It’s already been four years that I’m with this wonderful club and he will realize it by himself."

Sakho hasn’t been shy about complimenting "Liverpool country" in the past, and it seems like his continuing charm offensive is showing no signs of slowing down. If you’re reading this Mamadou, we at TLO want you to know that flattery will get you everywhere.

Regardless of Sakho’s personal motivations for being so over-the-top complimentary, the message was a clear "Welcome!" to another of Southampton’s top players. And if you’re Sadio Mané, you could do a lot worse than Mamadou Sakho as a new friendly face at a new club.

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