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The Week in Comments: "It'll be the best wall, an incredible wall. And we’ll make WAGNH pay for it!"

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We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Suarez: “Brexit Means Uncertain Future for Premier League”


G-Loff: Let’s build a wall around TLO towers

aj.joven.7: It'll be the best wall, an incredible wall. And we’ll make WAGNH pay for it!
Is Liverpool Country part of the UK?
Asking for a friend.

— G-Loff

Nathan Redmond Set to Replace Liverpool-Bound Sadio Mané

We really should have Mark Knopfler do our negotiations
He could get Mane for nothing and Grujic for free.

— RedInOz

FC Crotone Want to Save Mario Balotelli’s Career

I see Victor Krum plays for Crotone, then.

— Mike_Lloyd, with a Harry Potter joke so good I missed it the first time

The Liverpool Offside's Transfer Round-Up: Jamie Vardy is Keyser Söze Edition

The key difference between Vardy and Söze

One is an aggressive egomaniac who just happens to always end up on the right side of things
The other is a fictional character from a movie.

— RedInOz

Liverpool Prepare Big Mané Bid

I clicked on this guy’s user name and he’s made three comments in total: One on the United blog in 2014, denying that Luke Shaw would leave Southampton for Manchester United; one on this blog in 2015, denying that Nathaniel Clyne would be sold for the £12.5 million Liverpool had bid for him; and now this one today, denying that Mané would be sold to Liverpool for £25 million.

Sooo... Mané to Liverpool confirmed?

— WelshRed

Martin Skrtel Not Above Kicking Daniel Sturridge, Rates Roy Hodgson, and Hates Nice Things

Me before this interview: Sturridge has to play ahead of other English strikers.
Me after this interview: Kane and Vardy scored almost 50 goals combined last season. They are in form strikers. Woy should play them

— Jatin025

Liverpool Prepare Big Mané Bid

stugots05: Seems like a reasonable price and is hopefully close to what we would recoup from a Benteke sale. If Klopp is sold, I’m sold.

BostonNate123: #dontsellklopp
Noel: ...Mahrez (24yo, would cost £50M): g&a/112
Reus (27yo, would cost £50M): g&a/106
Lamela (24yo, cost Spurs £25M three years ago): g&a/146
Costa (25yo, cost Bayern £25M last year and everyone agrees they got a steal): g&a/135
Willian (27yo, cost Chelsea £30m three years ago when he was 24) : g&a/185
De Bruyne (24yo, cost City £55M): g&a/132

I mean, I don’t know what exactly the market is because lol television money. But I’m certain that whatever the market ends up inflating to this year, £30M won’t be poor value for any 24-year-old with Mane’s return in a big league. And also that Liverpool won’t find somebody clearly better unless they start swinging for a £50M class player.

ITStheGP: It’s like one of Khaine’s comments had a baby with one of Smooth’s comments, rec.

Liverpool Have Held Paul Pogba Discussions Claims Agent

saintgrobian: It's like when I ask what the market price is for the Kobe beef and then end up ordering a cheeseburger. And sometimes a cheeseburger is delicious and exactly what you really needed, which is how I feel about the transfer situation.

RogerTheShrubber: Well, we're not signing Pogba. But now I know what I’m having for dinner, so this was a useful thought exercise.

Staff Comment

Suarez: “Brexit Means Uncertain Future for Premier League”

Let's not pretend that British players will be worried about moving freely to foreign clubs!

— Chuck

Community Notes

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?