Silly Season and Childhood love.

I've been toying with this thought for a while now. Thought I'd throw it out there for discussion.

Transfers. They make or break our emotions during the off season. They consume our waking hours. We scour the interwebs for mentions of movement and rumors of movement. We stalk social media accounts of players / agents / managers. We read WAY too much into where people are vacationing or what tournament games they're watching. We look at market price and player stats to see where they would fit best, or where we would like them to fit. Silly Season. Grapefruit Spoons. Morningstars. Arda Turan. Christian Tello. Have you gotten a bingo yet??

Have we reached a point where we will never see a "Player A transfers to Club B" because HE wants to play for them and/or the manager of said club, not because of money / club prestige / this club wins #allthetrophies? Will we ever see a hot and/or up and coming player in the mold of Pogba, #thanksAubama, Götze, Neymar, ect make a sideways move (or even take a step down) to play for a club in the mold of Lyon, Newcastle, Hearts, or hell even Liverpool at this point, just because of their love of the club/manager? Or maybe because it's their childhood club?

In my wildest dreams, I become one of these players... and I make a move to Liverpool in-spite of Madrid, Barca, Juve, City, all wanting my services and offering truckloads of cash for me to do so. Because I love Liverpool. My dream is to play for Liverpool. Will we ever see this? I'm sure it's something that's happened in the past, but with the TV money, and the way the economics of the game have grown, I think we may have seen the end of it.


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