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The Week in Comments: "Bottle of win sounds amazing"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Sturridge Reflects on “Beautiful” Victory Over Wales

Thrilled for Daniel. I also love that he immediately went to give Wee Joe a consolation hug after the final whistle. Never mind the haters, the man loves his teammates, club and country.

— stugots05

Martin Skrtel Hesitant to Complete Fenerbahce Move

Given Skrtel's commitment to the club, I have no problem with him taking his time to get the move he wants.

— G-Loff

Roy Hodgson Falls Back-Asswards Into Result Thanks to Daniel Sturridge

The Wyenberg: Man... My United buddies can't stop singing Rooney's praise today...
Blah blah blah… "he owned the field! Was the best player all match! Goals only happened because of him!! "
Like... did they watch the same match??!

Tras: It’s been so long since they saw one of their MF’s "own the field" they’ve forgotten what it looks like.
Great game for us as Liverpool supporters

Hodgson looking inept? Check
Sterling unable to finish? Check
Lallana looking good? Check
Sturridge scoring? Check.

I’m sad for Cymru but they can advance by getting points vs Russia.

— PHLReds

Report: Martin Skrtel on Verge of £5.5million Move to Fenerbahçe

Greatest Istanbul related event to happen to Liverpool

— Indy Red

Chinese Investment Group Linked with £700m Liverpool Takeover

haha i lol’d. Smooth’s like that professor you have in a tough subject that breaks shit down for you in an easily digestible way. How the process usually goes for me:

1. see TLDR comment
2. scroll down and see it’s Smooth
3. rec it bc I’m already down there and know it’s gonna be boss
4. scroll back up and read...yup, it was boss

— ITStheGP

Liverpool Releases Away Kit for 2016/17

I love it. But then again, I grew up playing in the really baggy migraine inducing 90’s kits. I like vanilla. I’m getting old. I think I’m going to invest in a comfortable leather chair. I shall drink a single malt poured from a decanter whilst sitting in my comfortable leather chair wearing my vanilla replica away shirt. I’ll draw the line at being a full kit wanker.

— Geoff Twentyman

Rumor Mongering: Benteke to Juventus for £19m if Morata Moves

Bottle of win sounds amazing.. I’d like to order about 38 of those for next season please :D

— PhoenixTears

Staff Comment

Sturridge Reflects on “Beautiful” Victory Over Wales

Never celebrated an England goal that much before
Daniel Sturridge gets to upstage Vardy.
Daniel Sturridge gets the glory and recognition.
Daniel Sturridge reminds everyone who is the deadliest English striker of them all.
Daniel Sturridge is a beautiful, beautiful footballer. Finishing, technique, intelligence, and movement. Badman.

— Chuck

Community Notes

  • Welcome to delurker Felipe García Fossa. Apologies if I missed anyone!

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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