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The Week in Search Terms: Who’s Buying Liverpool?

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People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

Liverpool Football Club Confirms Takeover Bid Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

mignolet vs karius strengths and weaknesses

One’s good at keeping footballs out of his own goal and the other is Simon Mignolet.

gotze agent

It used to be Volker Struth, who was pushing the player to join Liverpool for a few years, start every week, and get his career back on track so that by 26 or 27 he would be the sort of superstar everyone expected he’d be at 23 or 24 and then clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid would throw all the money at him to come and play for them. But then Götze fired Struth and hired his dad because his dad told him Barcelona or Real Madrid would totes throw all the money at him this summer.

For anyone out there looking for a football agent, this would seem like a point in favour of Volker Struth and a point against Mario Götze’s dad.


He’s not been linked just yet this summer, but give it time.

christian rumour mongers

Maybe it’s all a little silly of us, but here at TLO we’d prefer if people could look past the faith of their rumour mongers. After all, at the end of the day, Buddhist or Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Zoroastrianism, shouldn’t the important thing be the made up, nonsensical, unfiltered bullshit being spewed and not the faith of the person spewing it?

liverpool fc transfer news today

I don’t know, but probably some guy we’ve been linked to 37 times before and are never actually signing? But not Alexandre Lacazette. Yet. Give it time.

soccer tactics analysis

We’re really more of a food blog.

emre can nation

Emre Can was born in the city Dreamy in the country of Handsome, population him. Either that or in Frankfurt, Germany, which would make him a German national of Turkish descent. But yeah we're sticking with Dreamy.

where to watch liverpool

Well, that probably depends. I mean, the answer would have to change based on whether you were in Liverpool or New York or Nairobi or Port Louis. And if you’re in Port Louis, maybe put your head out the window and ask the first person you see, as there’s a decent chance that person will be a Liverpool fan. At least going by TLO stats, which last month showed enough unique visitors from Port Louis to make that city the place you’re most likely to run into someone who reads us.

By the numbers, approximately one in every 80 people in the capital and largest city in Mauritius visited TLO last month. In Liverpool, by comparison, you’ve got a roughly one in 180 chance of running into somebody who has at least clicked through. Dublin’s strong at one in 250, London’s a little better than one in a thousand, and Singapore checks in at around one in every 1,500. So. Hey there, Port Louis, and thanks for stopping by. Seriously.

it would cost too much

It usually does.

who’s buying liverpool

First base!

joe allen chickens