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Rumour Mongering: Buy All The Belgians! Samuel Bastien Edition

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Liverpool look to add to their growing contingent of Belgian players with Anderlecht's 19-year-old midfielder Samuel Bastien.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

There must be something in the waffle mix because over the past few years Belgium has become an impressive exporter of footballing talent. This level of homegrown talent, in turn, has resulted in the national skyrocketing to second place in the FIFA World Rankings. Liverpool have attempted to cash in on this trend, with, shall we say mixed results so far?

Regardless, if reports from the Mirror and other highly reputable sources are correct, Liverpool are set to add another member to their Belgian contingent with 19-year-old Anderlecht midfielder Samuel Bastien. Or rather, Liverpool will look to replace at least one of their outgoing Belgians. The rumor mongering goes on to speculate that the young talent can be had for £4.6 million, but he would likely be loaned out to further his development.

Bastien recently finished a loan spell with Italian Serie B side Avellino, where he scored 2 goals in 31 appearances. Along with their "buy all the Belgians" strategy, Liverpool have also had mixed results with their "buy and immediately loan young talent" strategy in recent years. The success of fellow Belgian and buy-and-loan-talent Divock Origi will give Liverpool supporters hope that the transfer committee is getting a bit more savvy with these types of investments.