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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Planning Shock Move to Re-Sign Pepe Reina

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Klopp may be planning a surprise move to bring former Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina back to Anfield.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

The rumour goes like this:

Jürgen Klopp just signed the young German goalkeeper Loris Karius, who looks set to challenge for the starting position in goal next season. Current Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet is still relatively young for a keeper and will expect to play consistent football. Liverpool, therefore, need an experienced goalkeeper who will be comfortable spending time on the bench so that they can let Mignolet leave to pursue other opportunities. Who happens to fit that bill and would also make a sensational story? Why, former Liverpool star keeper Pepe Reina, that's who!

While it's true that Reina's problem with Liverpool seemed to be more with manager Brendan Rodgers than with the club, and so it's possible that all bridges haven't been burnt, this seems unlikely. It doesn't take into account, for instance, the fact that Mignolet just signed a new five-year contract with the club. Or that Reina, too, is under contract with Italian club Napoli until 2018, where he's been getting consistent playing time.

Reina is also 33-years-old, while Mignolet is still only 28-years-old old, making it an odd decision from a Liverpool perspective when they already have Mignolet locked down for the long term.

On the other hand, there's no doubting that Reina would provide excellent back-up for the Reds. And despite the slightly acrimonious events surrounding his departure, he is well-liked and remembered fondly by Liverpool fans. With Adam Bogdan likely to be shopped around and Danny Ward set out on another loan, Liverpool may have space for another back-up player.

Still, until the unlikely event that this rumour gains more traction, this sounds like some silly season connect-the-dots.