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The Week in Comments: "Aston Villa, Villarreal and now SeVilla bring on all the Villas"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Where the hell was this person when I needed pictures for the Tattoo Power Rankings???
Where the hell was this person when I needed pictures for the Tattoo Power Rankings???
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Community Comments

Liverpool 3, Villarreal 0 (3-1 agg): First Thoughts

Can’t imagine I’ll need a haircut in two weeks but looks like I’m getting one anyway

— toomajian, who keeps scheduling hair cuts during key matches
Aston Villa, Villarreal and now SeVilla bring on all the Villas we will smash you all

— Agent moyes

Liverpool 3, Villarreal 0 (3-1 agg): Man of the Match

Ed: how do you even keep playing after being on the receiving end of [what Firmino did to Soldado]

PHLReds: he didn’t

Liverpool 3, Villarreal 0 (3-1 agg): Reds Run Rampantly into the Final

MY 83 year old mother called and left a message... "What a game!!... they played a completely different style than the first one... the first one they were sooo careful they couldn’t DO anything... and in this one they were soooo aggressive!!! It was wonderful to watch!! I am soooo thrilled for them!!" Yep... Mom has it pretty much spot on...

— greenmountainred

Liverpool Reportedly Lose Mario Götze Chase

It’s ok. Against Dortmund, it ain’t over til it’s over…

— R2D_2

Klopp Responds to Fan Accusations of Sturridge Snub

Ed: wow Liverpool supporters in overly needy and histrionic online complaint shocker

Elizabeth: where were you when I needed to come up with a headline

Ed: probably complaining on twitter about daniel sturridge not smiling enough

Rumour Mongering: Reds Plot £50M Swoop For Courtois

Considerate Passing: Learn from Atletico. They didn’t spend a lot on the goalkeeper position but had:
1. de Gea
2. Courtois
3. Oblak

Ken Mueller: we probably ought to buy atleti's gk coach

Emre Can Back in Training, Could Start Against Villarreal

Only the neighbourhood dogs can hear how excited I am about this.

— Fowler Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

The complete absence of "Chilwell Angel" references here is disappointing.

— Ignignokt

Liverpool’s Player of the Month: April

I couldn’t find Margaret Aspinall on here.

— Cleveland Sasquatch

Staff Comment

Liverpool to Face Sevilla In Europa League Final

Let us pause for a moment to honor our toughest adversaries on this journey so far: FC Augsburg

— saintgrobian

Gif of the Week

(via bentaco)

Community Notes

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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