Europa Prize Money

Anyone else curious how much money Liverpool will earn through the Europa League this year? I did some sleuthing and found this chart that outlines how the total prize money for the tournament will be allocated. Assuming this breakdown is accurate, it appears the club will earn the following (in Euros) solely on their performance:

2.4m for participating

720k for the two group stage wins, 480k for the four group stage draws

1.44m for the four knockout stage wins, 360k for the three knockout stage draws

500k for winning their group

500k for advancing to the round of 32

750k for advancing to the round of 16

1m for reaching the quaterfinals

1.5m for reaching the semifinals

At this point we are guaranteed to at least be runners up, meaning at minimum we will take home an additional 3.5m. If we beat Sevilla, that goes up to 6.5m plus an additional 360k for the win. So at this point we have earned 9.65m, are guaranteed 13.15m, and could possibly earn 16.51m. This does not include matchday revenue, and more importantly this does not include market pool money which could push this figure well over 20m Euro after that sweet, sweet TV money is handed out.

Who said Europa is a waste of time and effort?

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