Guardian - The Premier League teams' ineptitude index 2015-16

The Guardian had a pretty good piece today addressing the "most inept teams" across 12 categories. Liverpool was in the top 5 of the "most inept" in a few categories, most relating to defending:

Blowing a 2 goal or more lead - Everton, Liverpool, Norwich, Villa and West Brom have all been up 2 goals and lost, while Everton, Liverpool, Tottenham and Stoke have been up 2 goals and drawn.

Conceding goals after 90 minutes - Newcastle and Norwich have done it 5 times, Villa and Liverpool 4 times.

Mistakes leading to a goal - Villa 15, West Ham 13, Liverpool 10. Leicester only had 1.

Failing to find a teammate in your own half - Newcastle 906 times, Liverpool and Bournemouth 860.

Errors by GK leading to goals - Liverpool and Bournemouth 5, Villa, Palace and Swansea 4.

Full article here -

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