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Klopp Feeling No Pressure Over Europa League Semi-Final Second Leg

In this moment, everything is cool.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Are you nervous? I'm not nervous. No, really, not nervous at all for Liverpool to be in the deciding game of a Europa League semi-final, the deepest they've been in Europe in approximately forever. Not. Nervous. At. All. Someone who's actually not nervous is Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, which probably should not come as a surprise at this point.

"OK, that's a nice record!" Klopp said when it was helpfully pointed out to him that he'd never lost a semi-final. "But then if we get to the final, please don't tell me my record in finals!  I don't know, but maybe around a semi-final if you are really involved, then it is possible that each day closer to the semi-final, you feel more and more pressure. I am not like this, to be honest. I am looking forward to it from one minute to the next minute to the next minute.

"I am really happy about this opportunity because you can only go the final if you show your best, and you can only show your best when you believe in yourself, when you are confident, when you see the opportunity, when you are really ready for it.  That's what I try to tell the players, to show the players, whatever. Usually my teams have played pretty well in semi-finals. "

Liverpool fans will be hoping that Klopp's team continues to play well in the semi-finals. Barring a last minute goal at the close of the game, Liverpool's performance in the first leg of the tie was solid. If they can get and maintain at least a two goal lead, they'll have earned a spot in that final.

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