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The Week in Comments: "Our greatest victory all season. YNWA"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Villarreal vs. Liverpool: Ways to Watch, Streaming, Lineups, and Live Coverage

Note to the IT Dept...

Hey there, IT Department…I’m writing this message here because Janice (down in accounting) said this was the place to lodge complaints regarding computer issues. A pop-up appeared on my computer warning me that later this afternoon something called a "Live Liverpool Stream" will be forced onto my work computer. I’m not sure what this means, as the only ‘stream’ I know of near Liverpool is the River Mersey. So perhaps it is a live webcam of the ships coming and going, or maybe some sort of Beatles retrospective…I’m not sure. That said, if you notice this stream on my computer, please ignore it…I feel confident it will go away on its own in roughly 2 hours.

Please note: If the stream continues for longer than 3 hours, please send the paramedics to my office…as this probably means that the Beatles…or the river…or whatever…scored like 6 goals and I had a heart attack.

Thank you!

— TMA1

Villarreal 1, Liverpool 0: Man of the Match

I’ve had a little think and I’ve decided that this is all Funes Mori’s fault. Please add him to the ranker so I can downvote him into oblivion.

— WelshRed

Don't Panic: Sturridge Wants To Play Football And Will Leave Liverpool Eventually

It's a shame how under appreciated he is

It’s sometimes hard for people to realize that professional athletes are people as well. With competitive streaks that we can’t wrap our heads around, so when they say things we think they are unreasonable we don’t know how to rationalize it.

Dan is the best forward on our squad, full stop. Yet he didnt play a single minute of what was probably our most important match of the season. Of course he is upset. I think it’s easy to forget that professional athletes are humans too, with human emotions. And Dan was very upset he didn’t play, and he said as much. It’s not a big deal to me though I’m sure itll be made a big deal.

— Jtizzy21

Mamadou Sakho Declines UEFA B Sample Drugs Test

latortillablanca: is it just me or is it always the wife/so's getting thrown under the bus with this stuff. kolo, sakho, ashley manning, kevin prince boateng with the lube that had steroids in it (note to self...), i feel like maybe mutu was a similar deal? like cmon guys, its not any less stupid that you just blindly (or completely knowingly) took sommat from yer wife as opposed to yer shady trainer friend with the hook up.

Agent moyes: Behind every great footballer is a drug dealing woman
The thing with Skrtel he’s not awful. He’s not good. He has flaws, but he’s steady, and been pretty dependable health wise. Tough, puts in a hard working shift. He’s not exactly bad, though he has bad moments. But he’s not really very good either, though he has his share of good moments too. He’s pretty meh. A metal type of meh, but still meh. Agger, Sakho, even Lovren, or Carra, he’s never been the highest rated part of a pair, but he’s made up a good #2 in those pairs at several times.

He’s getting older, and a half step slower after already being slow, so that hurts.

— Mr. Sanchez

Carragher Believes Sakho Has “Let Himself Down Badly”

Suarez's Transgressions are whatever you want them to be.

— TheWyenberg

Hillsborough Verdicts Exonerate The 96

Finally "Justice for the 96" isn't a demand. It is a reality.

— IndyRed
Our greatest victory all season. YNWA

— Agent moyes

Staff Comment

Villarreal 1, Liverpool 0: Man of the Match

Special shout-out to Jordon Ibe, who was brought on to stretch the defence since Firmino was struggling to keep VIllarreal honest on his own and Origi is out injured. And who then proceeded to do a worse job stretching the defence than a Philippe Coutinho who stayed in the change rooms vomiting at the half had in the first.

— Noel

Gif of the Week

(via me, because I will never get sick of it)

Community Notes

  • Welcome to delurker Paul Benoit, and all the folks from other clubs who stopped by in the Hillsborough posts. Apologies if I missed anyone!
  • RedSugarSexMagic had some thoughts about Mamadou Sakho's future.

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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