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Rumour Mongering: Karius to Reds for 10m Euro

Multiple outlets are running with Karius to Liverpool, but only if the Reds secure Champions League. If you believe that, you haven't been paying attention.

Ronny Hartmann/Getty Images

Multiple media outlets in Germany, including Bild, are running with the idea that 22 year old former Manchester City reserve and current Mainz 05 number one goalkeeper, Loris Karius, will consider joining Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool this Summer in a 10m Euro move.

While there is very little to find wrong with the idea of Liverpool upgrading their goalkeeping position for an inconsequential 10m Euros, this story has had an embellishment tacked on it that probably should be addressed. That tidbit is that Karius would only consider moving to Liverpool if the club beat Sevilla in the Europa League final, thus qualifying for next seasons Champions League competition.

The idea that Karius would refuse to accept a massive upgrade in level, exposure, wages, and opportunity to work with the Mainz 05 legend that is Klopp is pretty laughable. Sure, it is possible another team wants Karius. He is a young, talented, and available on a cheap transfer move. There are probably a dozen teams in the world who are interested in the guy.

It is equally possible that multiple of those teams are in the Champions League next season, and would thus be a consideration for a player. However, the idea that Liverpool isn't enough of a pull right now without the Champions League on offer is an erroneous one. It is an erroneous idea that will be tossed around the entire Summer transfer window. And it is rubbish.

How rubbish? Well, remember what Klopp had to say on this very subject back in April:

"I don't want players who are only interested in Champions league."

It doesn't get any clearer or plainer than that. Klopp is in the initial steps of building something here. That something will be a monumental moment in Liverpool's history, where we finally break the drought and get that league title back home. Could Karius be a target of Klopp's? Sure, but it's not like he's the only available talented goalkeeper around that would love playing in Red and under Klopp.

Now, this caveat of Champions League football, it must be said, was never attributed to Karius directly with any sort of quotes, which is great. Because Loris Karius should be doing backflips at the prospect of being selected as Klopp's solution to the goalkeeping positions.

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