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ETW, ETB: Moreno Talks About Playing Sevilla

Alberto Moreno helped Sevilla win their first of two consecutive Europa League cups, but now will line up against his former side and try to heap some misery on his former teammates. For Moreno, it's the best and worst situation.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Liverpool's Europa League run certainly has not lacked narrative. Whether it was drawing their biggest domestic rival, or their current manager's former club, the Reds have given pundits plenty to talk about leading up to the big games. Although Alberto Moreno's connection to Sevilla is not as much of a talking point as the previous example, the player still has a very special connection with the club, which he discussed in an interview with The Times.

"It could be the worst and the best," Moreno said, "It would be the best in the sense that it's what everyone here wants; it's certainly what I want, to win trophies and be successful. That's what we've all been fighting hard for this season and as a footballer you want trophies. It would be a great step for me and for the team.

"Maybe saying it would be the worst moment is too strong but the downside would be that I'd be beating ex-team-mates, people I know but I have to put that to one side. I was there for many years, it was where I did my development as a player and I've got loads of mates there so I was hoping that we would play them in the final."

"I belong to Liverpool and it is only about winning for them," Moreno added.

The young Spanish fullback was an instrumental part of Liverpool's European success this campaign, although his biggest moment was also one of the most controversial: the coming together with Villarreal's Denis Suarez that could have resulted in a penalty on another day.

"He wanted to kill me," Moreno said of Klopp after the rash challenge. "I definitely touched him. My two hands were on his back. It was a tense moment in the game.

"I saw Lucas come down the touchline to speak to me and he had a message from the manager. He told me to keep calm, to keep my head and just to chill out. I have a really good relationship with the manager, though. He treats me great and makes me feel important to the team."

Hopefully Liverpool and Moreno won't have to rely on the generosity of the the officiating crew in the final. Two years into his stay on Merseyside and Moreno is still very much coming into his own as a fullback. Occasional rash challenges aside, he's been a pretty consistent performer for the Reds this season. He might consider the final "the best and worst" scenario, but it would be a very good time to see the very best from Moreno, and show his former club what they've been missing.

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