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Pre-Swansea Overnight Open Thread

Five questions to pass the time as we wait for kick off from the Liberty Stadium.

Oh, Emre, I miss your face.
Oh, Emre, I miss your face.
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

1) Can Martin Skrtel find a way back into the central defense, or is it new business as usual with Kolo Toure and Dejan Lovren?

2) I always forget that James Milner exists when I ask questions about the midfield. So. James Milner? In the study, with the candlestick.

3) With an eye towards the return leg of the Europa League semi-final, will we see any youth like Jordon Ibe or Sheyi Ojo in the starting line-up tomorrow?

4) Will Daniel "Gimme Some Minutes" Sturridge be left on the bench again in a controversial move by Jurgen Klopp?

5) How many goals will Liverpool concede from set pieces?

Bonus: I am watching Titanic for the nine millionth time. What is a movie that isn't necessarily spectacular and isn't necessarily your favourite that you've watched over and over again?

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