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Dortmund 1, Liverpool 1: First Thoughts

A scored draw on the road in Europe and heading back to Anfield? Yes, please. Great result for the Reds.

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Dortmund 1: Hummels 48'
Liverpool 1: Origi 36'

  • Pregame Thoughts: Mission for tonight: don't get slaughtered, and give ourselves a fighting chance back at Anfield. Probably easier said than done. Dortmund's teamsheet is like the Ghost of Transfer Dreams Past, and you know they'll be up for the occasion. Origi gets the nod over Sturridge, and Firmino makes the bench, but is still coming back from his hamstring injury. Hopefully we won't feel the need to bring Bobby on in the second half because we're chasing a goal, but I fully expect us to bring Bobby on in the second half because we're chasing a goal (please be just "a" goal, as in singular). 

  • Early heart attack as Mignolet takes too long on a back pass from Sakho, and is nearly caught out by Aubameyang. Migs showed fancy (enough) footwork and was able to clear. 

  • Can goes into the book with a characteristic dumb early foul.

  • Liverpool have a battle on their hands, with Dortmund looking dangerous both in possession and on their lightning-fast counters. 

  • HUGE block by Sakho on an open net. A fantastic run and cut back by Dortmund's Schmelzer, who picks out Mkhitaryan for the shot. Mignolet is pulled out of position from the move, leaving only the French international to save Liverpool's skin. 

  • Liverpool respond with a big moment of their own. Lovren actually gets on the end of a free kick, but sends the header directly at the keeper. Weidenfeller briefly spills the ball, and Lovren follows it in, leading to a nasty head-to-head collision between the goalkeeper and defender. 

  • Origi came to play today. His hold up play has been fantastic so far, and he's been one of the few bright spots going forward for Liverpool so far. 

  • Mignolet, please start booting the ball clear. Signed, every Liverpool supporter. 

  • ***GOAL!*** Origi puts snatches a vital away goal against the run-of-play. The move was started by Moreno chipping the ball into Milner's head, who flicked it on to an on-rushing Origi. Origi takes a touch and fires a low shot across the keeper and into the far corner. 1-0 to the Reds!

  • Liverpool have their tails up after the goal, and are now looking in the mood to get a second, when only minutes ago they didn't look in the mood to get their first. What a difference a goal makes!

  • Lallana with a well-earned booking for a very late challenge. Quite uncharacteristic from The Lama.

  • Lovren's turn to come up big with a block of his own after expertly tracking Aubameyang's diagonal run into the box. 

  • Origi does his best Benteke impression to close out the half, getting one-on-one with the keeper on a counterattack, but unable to put away the big chance. 

  • Half-time: The four minutes of stoppage time seemed to last about four hours. I suspect the second half will feel much longer than 45 minutes. Liverpool have the lead, by and large against the run of play. Origi and the two center backs came to play tonight. Going to need more from everyone if Liverpool are going to get out of Dortmund with this advantage. Still, you have to be pleased about the way things stand now. Hopefully Kloppo has figured out a way to not give away the lead in the second half, something the Reds have been struggling with all too often this season. 

  • Wee Joe Allen on for Henderson, whose heel issues appeared to flare up in the first half. 

  • ***GOAL***Set. Play. Defending. A short corner leads to an easy cross, which leads to an easy header for Hummels, which leads to an easy goal for the hosts. 1-1 in Dortmund. 

  • Liverpool respond with their best attacking pressure of the night. A completely mad sequence led to several chances, including a great look for Coutinho which Weidenfeller did fantastically well to keep out. Because it wouldn't be Liverpool unless the opposition keeper came up with a worldie. 

  • At the 70 minute mark, the game has evened out in the second half. After the crazy first ten minutes or so neither team has really threatened in front of goal. Obviously Liverpool are hoping to head back to Anfield on level terms at the absolute worst. Still a lot of football yet to play though. 

  • Roberto Firmino on for Lallana. Good time to go bag a goal, Bobby. 

  • Moreno losses his damned mind and comes flying in to a challenge. He somehow doesn't get booked, so that happened. 

  • And Sturridge comes on for Origi as the last sub in the game. Get in there, Danny. 

  • Full Time: It was a game that could have gone either way, but Liverpool will be happy about this result, no doubt about that. Sure, they gave away (another) lead, but any one of us would have taken a 1-1 draw were it offered prior to kick off. Anfield should be rockin' a week from tonight! 

liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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