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The Week in Comments: "Mamadon’t :’( "

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Divock Origi to Miss 4-6 Weeks with Ankle Injury

Fuck this cat gif
Fuck this Godzilla gif
Fuck this.

— Emre's Brylcreem

Funes Mori Apologises for Horror Tackle as Origi Undergoes Ankle Scan

at least it wasn’t "my colleague divock suffered the physical effects of my studs going into his ankle ligaments, these are the things that happen"

but yeah no, not having it

— Ed

Liverpool Defender Mamadou Sakho Suspended After Failing Drug Test

Mamadon’t :’(

— Bentaco

No, Liverpool Are Not Being Bought By the Abu Dhabi Royal Family

Farce of Nature: The post title... Rumoured Middle Eastern Takeover for Liverpool by Elizabeth L. I thought she was marrying Sheikh Khalifa.

Elizabeth: I keep hearing about how women are golddiggers and figured if I was gonna be about that life, I should go straight for the top.

Farce of Nature: And do we have to call you Liz Khalifa now?

Dortmund Reportedly Open Götze Talks with Bayern Munich

So we just have to beat Dortmund again? Cool.

— stugots05
Mr. Sanchez: Let them set Bayern's price then we can swoop in, add a couple quid for Bayern, add some extra wages for Gotze, and Chelsea this thing.

Phil'sCurlyHair: You want us to send him out on a loan?

Liverpool 4, Everton 0: First Thoughts

He’s entirely on par w/ people that get more pub, such as Lucas or Sakho, IMO. You don’t read too much of it now (mostly, I think, cause he’s taken a step back since the major injury problem), but this is a guy who’s been talked about by most people at every stop he’s been at as a clubhouse leader. I remember the narrative of him being "arrogant" or "selfish" or a "showboat" having already been spun prior to his stint w/ Owen Coyle’s Bolton squad and interviews w/ the Bolton folks indicating things were the polar opposite. Same deal when he was rumored to come to us and BR went rather hard on Studge being a mature kid.

Then, we signed him and things like dancing with a fan happened. Or articles about him taking the young Reds under his wing are published. Or Daniel Sturridge using #redordead in his tweets happened. Or this hug and this moment – both with Coutinho.

Like, he might not be a captain, but just cause he’s not the one in front of the mic or isn’t necessarily the one being asked the questions, doesn’t mean he’s not picking up the burden of being a leader on and off that pitch. He’s not perfect, of that I’ve got no doubt, but dude deserves to be listed next to Lucas, Sakho, and Hendo as the heart of this LFC team. Dude has rarely put a foot wrong during his time here and it’s my hope that eventually he gets the love he well and truly deserves. I mean, when fully fit, we’ve got a striker I would take over any single striker in the Prem and one I’d put up against anyone save the Barca three and, maybe, Lewa. Sturridge is that damn good as a player and is an incredible presence to the lads in the locker room.

I haven’t been following for very long, but it seems to me that Sturridge is one who embodies that mix of work ethic, responsibility, and other worldly skill in the way Liverpool fans supposedly crave from their stars. Completely alludes me as to why, 4 years on, the fan base still has a bit of an issue w/ embracing this guy in the way they’ve embraced more problematic players. Super duper stumped on this for real.

— aj.joven.7
Could you imagine if we didn’t hire Klopp. How sad all our lives would be

— j_creegan

Klopp’s Approach Now “Second Nature” to High-Flying Liverpool

He’s played on the left side, he’s played on the right, boring James Milner is anything but shite

— Agent moyes

Staff Comment

Funes Mori Apologises for Horror Tackle as Origi Undergoes Ankle Scan

Elizabeth: I've spent way too much time thinking that FUNES MORI is some sort of term in Latin.

saintgrobian: It’s latin for "I killed all the fun."

Community Notes

  • Welcome to anyone who delurked this week. Apologies if I missed anyone!
  • Shane O'Mahony wonders what Liverpool should do in the absence of Emre Can.

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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