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Klopp: Liverpool Dominant Despite Draw

Manager Jürgen Klopp says that Liverpool dominated their game at home to Newcastle, despite giving up a two goal lead and drawing 2-2.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Today's result, dropping points to relegation contenders Newcastle, felt a bit like regression after Liverpool have put in such fantastic performances over the last few weeks. The team is reaching the end of an incredibly long season. At Anfield today, they played out their fifty-sixth game in all competitions, with at least six more on the horizon.

However, when asked about whether fatigue played a part in Liverpool's second-half capitulation, Klopp was non-committal:

"I'm not too sure," he answered. "I think we did really, really well in the first half against a side with the highest motivation in their situation. I think they are now happy with the point but I think before they thought they could maybe beat Liverpool at Anfield.

"First half we were the clear better team, we were the clear better team in the second half too other than around the two goals we conceded. Two shots on target, two goals, sounds not too good, is not too good but in this moment we have to accept it. We really did well in a lot of parts of the game. We cannot think about this too much, the reason, we have to carry on, we have to work.

"Today especially first half was really good and the second half – after the draw - a game can change but it didn't. We were still dominant, we played football. In an intensive game, after an intensive game, against a rested opponent, we did really well. But in you need then in decisive moments a little bit of luck, I don't know an inch on a boot and the ball goes there or inside."

A moment of controversy came in the second half when a challenge on Daniel Sturridge by Vernun Anita went uncalled, denying Liverpool a penalty opportunity.

Regarding the referee's call, Klopp was typically pragmatic, saying, "We had this penalty situation, I think it was a clear penalty, but it's not important what I think," he said. "Two-two, it's not too good but we have to accept it and we do accept it. For sure he (Sturridge) is in the best shape for a few months. 90 minutes is no real problem any more, that's good. A wonderful goal really early in the game. It was not even a real chance, to be honest, but he made the best of it.."

All anyone can do about this result is, as Klopp says, accept it and move on. Villarreal and the first leg of the Europa League semi-final await Liverpool on Thursday.

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