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Liverpool 2, Newcastle 2: First Thoughts

Two more points lost from a winning position for Klopp's Liverpool.

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Liverpool 2 Sturridge 2', Lallana 30'
Newcastle 2 Cisse 48', Colback 66'

  • Pregame: Can this run in get any more complicated for Klopp? Sure, no Sakho, no Origi, no Emre, no Henderson, but that still leaves a vast majority of the first team squad available for injury and suspension! We have plenty of nice things left to take!! Blast ye gods!!!!!!

  • GOAL Allen gets a shove in the back which resets play and Alby Moreno pops one into the box for Sturridge to control with his back to goal and two centerbacks on him. One smooth swivel and take later, and the ball's in the net. 

  • Firmino's first touch was excellent, his first dribble was not. The stop/go form continues then.

  • Jack Colback reminds us that Brodie from Homeland might be the next James Bond. No way you can have a ginger 007, right? Our vote's for Stringer Bell, anyway.

  • Moreno down and making "this part went this way, that part went that way" gesticulations in his description to the physio. SEE, PLENTY OF NICE THINGS LEFT TO TAKE!

  • Cisse drops Lovren with a reverse clothesline. Bit of an overreaction from Dejan. 

  • They really need to give us that end to end camera angle more often. Sturridge's pop from 30 yards was about 5000 times more impressive when you see the action on the ball.

  • Andros Townsend looks like he could be Lewis Hamilton's cousin. Just further along with the balding pattern.

  • Been a few minutes since Moreno went down, and while he seems ok, he does keep messing with his shinguard, and pulling up ever so slightly. One to watch.

  • Lallana with a gorgeous backheel to release Milly, but his chip over the top for Studge goes out. One more goal this half kills the game.


  • Firmino turns Mbemba in the box gorgeously, but the defender recovers well on a must have tackle.

  • Darlow goes a bit daffy and rolls the ball out to his right back, with Sturridge standing literally in front of him. Bounces off the England striker tamely, but any more zest on that and it would have gone into goal.

  • Halftime: Well, Newcastle definitely look deflated thus far, and Liverpool's rotational options continue to repay their gaffer with steady performances. Crazy what happens when you have confidence in your players. Our halftime team talk involves leftover homemade fish fry and some earl grey.

  • GOAL Half opens up with decent build up from Newcastle leading to a nice outswinging ball that Cisse gets his head onto. Mignolet pretty atrocious in reacting to the ball, and then not actually getting where he needed to be when he went. No way Liverpool repeat Southampton, right?

  • We're not worried. Not like Newcastle are a desperate relegation battling side with a manager who knows a thing or two about comebacks.

  • Penatly shout for Sturridge turns into a break by Newcastle that Mignolet kinda, sorta does a better job with on coming out low, giving Cisse just enough bodies in his way that he can get a clear shot. This just turned into a ball game, folks.

  • Operation: Anfield Exercise comes and goes, and Liverpool have weathered the storm a bit.

  • GOAL Or have they? Newcastly with a good delayed break that Toure and Allen can't quite combine to snuff out initially, then the rest of the defense don't react to Townsends ball in, and Colback gets his goal.

  • So... Southampton? Is this really happening again? But Skrtel's not on the pitch, how is this possible?

  • Lucas and Coutinho on for Randall and Wee Joe, shifting Milner back to RB, and the same overall shape everywhere else. Rafa brings on Mitrovic for Cisse as Newcastle look to secure a precious result.

  • Lucas with a critical tackle to break up a two on one break for Newcastle, followed up by a confusing decision with his header on a subsequent corner kick.

  • Stewart beats Moreno to a follow up with a hideous blast into the stands. That is the type of stuff that gets you yanked from the starting lineup, youngin.

  • Last roll of the dice from Klopp with Sheyi Ojo coming on for Lallana, and JonathanJoseph Shelvey comes on for Tiote.

  • Shelvey faffs up a chance to set something up on one end, and the ball breaks to Coutinho beautifully from 10 yards out, but poor execution puts paid to the chance.

  • Liverpool's loss is Rafa's gain in this one. Wouldn't hurt so bad if there weren't so many others like it all season. /Sigh.

liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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