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Klopp Says Important, Impressive Toure Has Liverpool Future

OMG, you guys!

The seeds were sewn early in the year for this bromance.
The seeds were sewn early in the year for this bromance.
Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp had a bit of cookie butter saved for his pre-Newcastle press conference with his words for veteran Liverpool central defender, Kolo Toure.

"Kolo is a very, very important player for us, even when he doesn't play," said the former Borussia Dortmund boss.

"He's one of the most impressive people I have met, but now is not the right time to speak about Kolo's future."

You had us at Kolo, Jürgen. Seriously, in a season where Klopp has packed the cockles of Red hearts from the first, him going on a Kolo Toure love fest puts us in danger of blowing a d'awww fuse. This is nostalgia napalm. We have run out heartdrive space, and we're going to have to delete some stuff to make space if we're to make it through this.

And he wasn't finished there, as Liverpool's German gaffer underscored the 35 year old Ivorian's immediate future will be painted Red, thanks in no small part to the player's extended run of health.

"When I came here Kolo had a few problems injury wise but now it looks completely different and that's good," the German continued.

"How I have heard things is that a big part of Kolo's future is at Liverpool. So I'd say everything is ok."

Toure did actually pull up in the Bournemouth game, don't forget, so this little tidbit about his health is reassuring for a Liverpool squad that has seen it's first team numbers greatly depleted time and again this year.

But the real story is Kolo is ours, all ours. Do you think he's going to put Toure on his coaching staff? Can you imagine how adorable serious business coaching Kolo is going to be?

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