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Liverpool 1, Tottenham 1: First Thoughts

Points split in a highly competitive, entertaining match at Anfield.

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Liverpool 1 Coutinho 51'
Tottenham 1 Kane 53'

  • Pregame Thoughts: Chica Show is so much better than whatever that weird live-action shit was last year. Interesting comments from Klopp that sometimes pressing is about the appearance of pressing and coaxing the opposition into anticipating a press that doesn't come. Also Mustoe believes the Reds are just a couple players away from being really, really good next year. Your lips to Fowler's ears, Robbie.

  • Two smart clearances from Dejan to start. Curious that Klopp would leave renowned hen whisperer Joe Allen on the bench for a game against the Hotspur. Would assume it'll take less than 26 hours for him to hatch that substitution. Eggs.

  • Wonderful utilization of wide areas from the Tottenham fullbacks to present a shot for Eriksen. Straight at Migs, but it's a warning shot.

  • Wonderful shape in this game with these pressing pentagons and squares forcing smart possessional play by both back lines. Tottenham having the better of it, but Milner almost got his shot off for a stellar chance on goal.

  • Another good clearance from Lovren. Has he done something with his hair? It feels like he's done something with his hair.

  • Three minutes from Mignolet sees him involved in a mix up with Clyne for a complicated clearance, then a terrible clearance from a pass back, then he's involved in a mix up with Lovren for a nearly disastrous clearance. 

  • Moreno calls bank off a sliding Son and forces a sharp save down low to Lloris' right.

  • Bullshit call against Coutinho after he does wonderfully well to pip the ball off Eriksen in midfield and gets chopped down by the Spurs CB on the subsequent break. 

  • Kane on a break, revvin up his engine, listen to her howlin roar, but the far post daisy cutter curls wide of Mignolet's far post.

  • End to end stuff, the Llama's ball in evades both Studge and Milner. Good no call on the penalty shout.

  • Sloppy pass from Emre almost sets up a chance for Spurs, but Hendo cleans up. 

  • Phil's hair is ruffled, Lallana's hair is ruffled, reigning Follichampion Hendycakes' hair is ruffled--its been a frenetic game.

  • How many times does Studge put a one on one straight at the keeper? He owes you one, Hugo, and Lannisters aren't the only ones who pay their debts.

  • Lallana with a turn and shot well saved by a fully stretched Lloris. Subsequent break by Spuds gives Kane a chance and Dejan Lovren once again with an important intervention. Man of the match so far.

  • Damnit, Lloris. Lallana bangs his spinning half volley on the ground to loop one goal bound, but fucking pterodactyl arms over here decides he's not letting it in.

  • Kane really giving Sakho the runs, his willingness to work out wide parting the Reds down the middle like he was effing Moses.

  • Half-time Thoughts: Breathe. Grab a juice box. Go again. Our halftime team talk involves plenty of prosecco, torta de manjar, and snuggles from a beautifully gray domestic short hair who senses the nerves.

  • ***GOAL*** Coutinho 51' Easy peasy link up between Studge and Sexinho, and the Brazilian calmly slots home to Lloris' left. That'll do lads.

  • Henderson's fixed his hair, and his midfield intervention and feed forward highlights an all around robust performance from the man. He seems to have taken the mantle of the more defensive of the double pivot, which has the double bonus of simplifying things for Emre.

  • Bit too stretched out on that header from Sturridge. He still owes you one, Hugo.

  • Goodness that was a lovely chip from Dier, taken out of the air and towards goal by Son. Wide, but woulda been one helluva equalizer.

  • Canderson vs. Diembele is a slobberknocker of a midfield battle.

  • ***GOAL*** Kane 53' Worthy equalizer that. Absurd little flick from Eriksen keeps it in and feeds Kane in one. Feeding Kane is a good idea, as the English striker shows by turning and putting it into Mignolet's side netting. Game on.

  • Be nice to remind the world that you're also a deadly English striker, Mr. Sturridge.

  • Kane involved again to give Eriksen a chance that Mignolet spots through Sakho's legs and does well to stop.

  • Reds a bit deflated after that equalizer. An all action appearance from Origi or Ebay could be the ticket here.

  • Phil almost banks one off a Spurs touch and in after good work wide left.

  • There goes that man again! Coutinho bamboozling Walker on the left and earning a corner that Milner puts in a decent area only for Lloris to be first to the ball. 

  • Origi on for Studge. Dunno about that, Studge had unfinished business in this game.

  • Eriksen with a pacy break and excellent ball to find Chadli in space, but Henderson once again shows that he's geeked for the defensive workload today, and slides in to force a corner. A corner that Mignolet impotently flaps in the air for and misses, but mercifully the ball goes beyond everyone.

  • Is that some ink on Alli's left gam? Gonna need an official ELiz verdict on that one.

  • Kane's guile in going from wide areas in continues to give Liverpool's backline headaches. For a guy with regrettable athleticism, he really utilizes and manipulates space in his favor so well.

  • "If something's gone inside, as it were..." -- from the NBC commentator. Huh-uh, what was it were?

  • Dejan and Mama wear the same kicks. Now that's a sign of a functioning partnership, folks.

  • Lallana doesn't quite break Danny Rose's right ankle from behind, but it was a solid effort.

  • Joe Alice Band Allen! Chicken & Egg Edition 24! Poultry Party KLAXON!

  • And the Little Red Rooster is in fact not too lazy to crow for days. His pressing of the issue around Spurs' box provides a chance for Phil, but the Brazilian's cut inside goes wide. 

  • Spurs bring on a three-quarters sleeve in exchange for Alli. Let's see how that works out for them.

  • Christian Eriksen's sterling game continues with a dangerous free kick that goes just wide.

  • Holy late heroics, Mignolet. Great strike from Dembele pushed wide for a corner that Alderwereerererereeld heads off target.

  • Ebay on, but he doesn't seem too stoked about it.

  • Alby Moreno switched on in a dangerous play inside the box. Good defense to stop that cross.

  • Game ends on a corner kick that goes nowhere. Phew!

liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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