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Klopp Calls for Kop Patience

The Liverpool manager goes on addressing post Borussia Dortmund win hysteria, and attempts to nip overblown expectation in the bud.

The picture of patience.
The picture of patience.
Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The Borussia Dortmund result was easily the defining game of the season for Jürgen Klopp. It's either going to be the moment when Liverpool sparked a championship run in the Europa League, or it will fall short of that, yet still serve as the line in the sand to Premier League competitors that something special is brewing at Anfield, for next season.

Aside from being an individual example of the competitive quality of this side, it is an indicator of the work Klopp has been doing since arriving in England. Work that has consistently included a call for patience. And so his call now, with Liverpool riding high on the hog after that jaw-dropper under the lights, is to pump the breaks on lofty expectation, while so much is left to be done.

"We have been here six months and created a few beautiful moments, but we have to still be patient.

"I'm sure people will now ask me, ‘Is this the biggest chance to win silverware?,' after the win over Dortmund. But I cannot believe people ask this.

And to highlight how Jürgen is sure, it's because he was asked the very question in the post Dortmund match presser, and answered it gloriously:

"Come on, please don't ask me this shit.

"I am sure the Spanish teams will have much to say about that.

"We have got a strong opponent in the semi-final, and we will need everybody 100 per cent fit as possible to try and do it again. We don't need to think we are favorites for anything."

So, there you have it. Klopp is our coach and there should be no question over whether our coach is better than anyone any other team is going to be able to drudge up. He's going to lead us back to the pomp and circumstance of trophy celebrations. But the only way Liverpool get there is to not get too big for their britches and continue taking steps like the one they took on Thursday night.

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