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The Week in Search Terms: Can Dortmund Beat Liverpool?

People find their way to the Liverpool Offside using all kinds of search terms. Some of those terms can seem strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Here are a few of them.

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allan liverpool work permit

The young midfielder, who Jürgen Klopp called “an outstanding talent” and said was a player who would have been in his first team plans had he been eligible, remains without a work permit. Even if he had one, though, at this point he wouldn’t be able to be registered and so wouldn’t be able to play for the club this season.

Both the player and the club remain confident that the 19-year-old starlet they signed for £500k from Brazilian side Internacional last summer will be able to secure a permit ahead of next season. Whether he can earn a spot or is then sent out on loan to another English side, though, is another question.

can dortmund beat liverpool?

One would imagine so. Though one could also imagine that Liverpool could beat Dortmund. Or their Europa League tie could end in a draw over two legs and have to go to penalties.

balotelli back to liverpool

Sorry, Mario.

chinese super league rumours

But on the flip side, Jiangsu Suning want to pay him £225k per week after tax.

england football super league

Despite that people are always talking about a European super league with some of England’s biggest clubs breaking off to form it with the likes of continental giants Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, and Juventus, the reality is that there already is a super league from an earnings standpoint—the Premier League. And that rather makes it so that there’s little reason for the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, or Liverpool to consider breaking away.

All told, 16 of the 30 richest teams in Europe play in the Premier League already. Any super league that did form, bringing with it four or five clubs from England, wouldn’t be able to do any better. The reality, then, is that most of the talk about a super league is driven by some of the continent’s big clubs, who would stand to gain financially by splitting off and forming a league comprised almost entirely of the continent’s top earners.

There would be risk involved in such an undertaking, though, and it’s a risk that means there’s really little appeal to the big clubs in England, who already have as much—or near as much—earning power thanks to being in the Premier League. Meanwhile, a super league without the big English clubs rather defeats its purpose given its whole purpose would be making fat stacks mad cash dolla dolla bill y’all.

tl;dr: no matter what anyone says, a super league isn’t imminent.

danny ings tribunal fee


emre can body


money cant buy hoppiness

I respectfully disagree. You can buy plenty of hoppiness these days thanks to the explosion of American IPAs, an over-hopped take on the classic India Pale Ale. Those were hopped to help them survive the heat and being shipped to India from England during the colonial days, but over the past five or ten years there’s been a real push by American craft brewers to double down on the hops for flavour rather than the function.

Increasingly, too, you can now find over-hopped, American-style IPAs outside of the United States. You can also find some interesting—and delicious—variations on their variation, like Belgian Tripel IPAs, overproof trappist beers on lees in the traditional abbey style but with a hefty dose of hops added to the mix.

facebook stories

I went on Facebook once. It was horrible.

bobby wood liverpool

As much as American Liverpool fans would enjoy having a player from their country in the squad—just like Australians enjoy Brad Smith and dream of Mathew Ryan becoming the club’s starting goalkeeper despite that he struggles for regular minutes at Valencia—it’s hard to see this move happening. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for the player, who would be stuck well down the depth chart, and it doesn’t make much sense for the club, as Liverpool aren’t likely to be in the market for a backup striker.

He did have this hilariously terrible miss the other night for the USMNT, though. Which, on second thought, might mean he’d fit right in given some of Liverpool’s struggles in front of goal the past few years.

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