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Moreno Shares Thoughts On Tenerife Trip

Alberto Moreno is back fit, and thinks the working vacation in Tenerife was a positive experience to relax and focus at the tasks at hand in the final run-in.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp has shown a tendency to think outside the box throughout his managerial career, especially when training is concerned. Whether it's taking his Mainz squad to a Swedish lake with no electricity, or having his Dortmund side train in London's Regent Park prior to a Champions League show-down with Arsenal, the current Liverpool boss is predictably unpredictable.

So, when Klopp packed up all remaining Liverpool players without international duty, and shipped everyone (and their families) to the Canary Islands for equal doses of training and relaxation, no one should have been surprised.

Leftback Alberto Moreno, now recovered from a hamstring injury, had positive things to say about the trip:

I started training with the team in Tenerife. Everything went well and I haven't felt anything else. I hope to be ready for the next game against Tottenham and for the rest of the season.

The main thing was training and keeping fit but it's true that after training we had some moments to relax and go to the spa and the beach, and it helped to clear up our minds a bit.

However, during the trip, we didn't only relax as we were always thinking of improving and making the most of the training. Overall, it was a great experience.

Although many don't rate Moreno's defensive contribution, his possible inclusion in the side that will face Spurs on Saturday should be seen as a boost to the back line that conceded 3 second half goals last time out.

This quasi-vacation seems like a good idea for a side that has been the most over-worked in Europe so far. And having a few days in the sun and away from the day-to-day stresses of being in the public eye must also be good for some peace of mind.

Moreno says Liverpool are now focused on the two remaining competitions:

We need to keep working to get there. We are closer to winning the Europa League title, although we still have a few games left. However, we still believe that we can win it. The Premier League is more difficult but we are working really hard to get a higher position in the table.

Well, hopefully we have a few games left in Europe, as that would mean we have somehow found our way past a determined Dortmund side. It is far too early to be able to judge whether this trip was a good idea or not (if such a determination could ever truly be made), but I love that we have a manager who embraces the unorthodox and tries new things.

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