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The Week in Comments: "Of all the people to get advice from... FELLAINI?!!! SERIOUSLY?!!!"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

Liverpool v Manchester United - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Community Comments

Benteke as Good as Gone After Claiming He’s “Been Discarded” by Klopp

Of all the people to get advice from...

FELLAINI?!!! SERIOUSLY?!!! -- jsiedell

Even my father was annoyed at first by my status as a reserve.

Even his father?!? Gasp! -- Chief Ralphie the Red

Louis van Gaal Takes Credit for Liverpool’s Crippling Loss

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Van Gaal -- Jtizzy21

Steven Gerrard Talks Management, Early Kick Offs, and Justin Bieber

Is his career nearing an end?

Sure. Would a competitor like Stevie prefer to stay in football? Of course. Would he one day like to be involved again with the club that has been his life for 30+ years? Definitely. Will that be as a manager, a coach, or some other capacity? Remains to be seen. Does Steven Gerrard use kind of an absurd number of rhetorical questions when speaking? You bet. -- Catapults

Liverpool Financials Show Major Gains Under FSG, Hint at Minority Sale

What is smooth sailing's background? I’ve seen a number of posts where he/she seems to have some sort of inside knowledge to the business world of football. -- Nayner

I believe he has a masters in Financial Badassdom. That’s a thing right? -- jeremy.wyenberg

Klopp Plays Down Benteke Row Rumours

"Math of the Day"?

Well, Shearer’s always derivative, but Murphy’s hardly integral to the show. It really functions best when Lineker has his say. Or is this take a tad obtuse?

It's time to scrub the oven. -- Mike_Lloyd

Liverpool “Suits Me Perfectly” Says Mamadou Sakho

You suit us perfectly as well Mama. -- Indy Red

Klopp Plays Down Benteke Row Rumours

Klopp looked furious during the exchange. Really curious to know what he was saying to Benteke -- treetrunks

"You think you left the lights on at Melwood? Do you know how much energy that wastes?" -- G-Loff

"the tins go in the recycling, not the trash. It’s like you don’t even care to save the planet" -- Working Title

"You’re dropping out of Hotdog Thursdays? But you bring the buns! You can’t have hotdogs without buns, Christian!" -- Tras

Staff Comment of the Week

Liverpool FC Transfer News: Atlético Madrid Join Chase for Christian Benteke


You heartless fuckers didn’t waste any time to get stuck in!!!

-- Chuck

Gif of the Week

Super Mario Götze Pretzel Rush video game

(via Chief Ralphie the Red)

Community Notes

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