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Simon Mignolet: "Christian Benteke is Fighting For Position"

Fellow countryman Simon Mignolet talks about Christian Benteke's precarious position with Liverpool and the Belgium national team.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Christian Benteke is the latest talented striker that has failed to impress at Anfield. He's had a rough first season with the Reds, and his lack of playing time has begun to affect his place playing for his national team. Fellow Belgian Simon Mignolet has come out in support of his teammate.

"Everyone knows his qualities," he said on Belgian television. "When you're a footballer, you want to play in all the matches and it's not easy when you're on the bench. He's continuing to work hard at training and for his place. He does his best every day."

Liverpool fans, though disappointed by his performances thus far, are united in the fact that they are rooting for Benteke to succeed. No one wants to see a dedicated player fail, and Benteke is by all accounts a professional who continues to work hard to earn his place.

"There are nine matches left and we have to finish as high as possible in the table, but in England there's a lot of competition (for a top-four finish)," Mignolet contiued. "We're also hoping to go as far as possible in the Europa League. It won't be easy because we drew Dortmund – they're without doubt the best team left in the competition."

The footballing gods were always going to pit Liverpool against Dortmund in this competition, so it's up to Liverpool to be up for the challenge. As it stands, their loss to Southampton on Sunday appeared to put the final nail in the coffin of their top four hopes, so winning the Europa League would be the only way to make it back into the Champions League for next season.

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