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Steven Gerrard Talks Management, Early Kick Offs, and Justin Bieber

As he begins what could be his final season as a player, Steven Gerrard looks back on his career and forward to what comes next once he hangs up his boots.

England U19 v Japan U19 - International Friendly
Stevie looks back. Literally.
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Steven Gerrard still has nine months left on his contract with MLS side LA Galaxy, but that doesn't mean it's too early to start asking him questions about his hopes and dreams once he hangs up his boots for good. Though there's a possibility he continues past the end of this season, the man himself has said he'll be open to job offers once December rolls around, and naturally the topic of managing Liverpool was gently broached.

"I would only go into a role at Liverpool if I felt I was good enough, if I felt I could contribute," Gerrard said in a lengthy interview with Mr Porter, the self-described global online retail destination for men's style. "The supporters all around the world know that I’d go in there to give it a 110%. I wouldn’t be going in for the ego. I wouldn’t be going in for financial reasons, and if I did go in, I’d commit and give it every ounce effort I’ve got to do it.

"These are all the things, and the interesting thing about what’s going to happen next for me. I’m not worried about my reputation because my reputation as a footballer for Liverpool Football Club is there, it’s done. I don’t think failing as a manager or failing as assistant manager or as a coach would affect what you’ve done as a player, that can’t change. Could I be criticised as being a bad manager for Liverpool? Of course I can. And I’m scared of it? No."

Through no fault of his own, Liverpool fans won't be in any real hurry for Gerrard to become manager. Jürgen Klopp's tenure is still less than six months old and many Liverpool fans hope to have a long and successful era under the giant German, though with Klopp making Gerrard feel welcome at Melwood over Christmas, there's no reason why Gerrard couldn't have a less prominent role on staff sooner rather than later.

Until that type of role is offered and accepted, Gerrard remains in California, bumping into super cool celebrities like Justin Bieber and the interchangeable members of One Direction. His myriad brushes with fame won't ever stop him from keeping tabs on what his Reds are up to, with Gerrard watching as many live matches as possible.

"Yeah, I just don’t like them 12:45 kick offs [in Liverpool] because it means me getting up at 4:45 am to watch them," Gerrard groused, "but I’m a Liverpool fan, you know? I’m on the outside now, I’m not a player anymore, so I support the team, I follow the boys, cheering them on."

One of us, Captain, one of us.

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