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Klopp Unconcerned by Potential Summer Departures

Liverpool's gaffer goes on record that he won't stop anyone leaving Anfield this Summer.

Oh, aye?
Oh, aye?
Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Jürgen Klopp is unconcerned by any potential departures from his current playing staff this Summer. Having gone through this rodeo several times with former Borussia Dortmund stars like Shinji Kagawa, Robert Lewandowski, and Mario Gotze, Klopp's clearly not going to have his feathers ruffled if any of Liverpool's players decide they're footballing interest is best served elsewhere. And he made a point of going on record with that perspective with some pre-Southampton match quotes.

"Everything is okay in this moment but nobody in the world, maybe only (Lionel) Messi is unsellable," Klopp said.

"There is always a situation. I come from a club (Borussia Dortmund) where always the best players are picked by other teams and at the end you have to accept a few things and you always need to have a Plan B or Plan C.

"If any player comes to me and says I don't feel comfortable and things like this, and I want to leave, our style of play blah blah, and more money, then you always have to start thinking. That's all I can say on this."

So far, Liverpool have only tasted the benefits of Klopp's team building ethos as it relates to developing from within, and reconciling form of individual and collective pieces already at the club. Players like Dejan Lovren, Lucas Leiva, Brad Smith, and Simon Mignolet are a few who have profited greatly since the German's arrival.

The other half of Klopp's way of working will come to pass during transfer windows to come when, inevitably, Europe's larger clubs decide that a guy like Coutinho has scored one tie-settling chip too many and put a bid in.

This isn't to say that any player in Liverpool's ranks are going to be leaving--far from it. There will be very few players in Liverpool's ranks who, having experienced the difference in working with Brendan Rodgers to working with Klopp, don't think they've got a good thing going here.

But the realities of global football's pecking order will mean that some of these guys won't be around forever. And Klopp is here to reassure Redkind that, even if some of your brightest stars move on to different pastures, everything will remain cool.

Isn't he dreamy?

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