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Raheem Sterling Opens Up About Move to Manchester City

Former Liverpool winger Raheem Sterling explained the reason he left Anfield in the summer.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Raheem Sterling chose an ideal week to talk to the media about his controversial move away from Liverpool last summer. The Reds are riding high off a Europa League advancement and on a red hot run of form, so his words are unlikely to sting as much as they otherwise might.

And without agent Aidy Ward as his mouthpiece, the 21-year-old winger actually sounded pretty reasonable.

"The main [comment] on my Instagram is the snake sign - that's the biggest one so far - and someone that loves money, hungry for money," Sterling said to Sky Sports. But he insisted that his move was not based on financial gain and instead about "trying to improve as a player."

"I just did what I thought was best for my career at that moment in time," he said.

Sterling has notched 11 goals in all competitions for Manchester City, and recent performances against Liverpool aside, he has been a solid player this season. But he's also been noticeably absent from the public eye until now.

"I thought to give myself the best chance to progress and do well was to try to stay out of people's TV's and headlines," he said. "I think I've not done too bad. I think I've stayed out of the way."

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