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The Week in Comments: "Götze work on that formatting bro"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Rodgers Says Klopp Can Only Best Him by Winning the League

Klopp took Liverpool to a cup final
So he’s already bested you there Brendan. He also won a a Knockout round game in Europe so that’s another. Finally, he’s made Lovren look like a decent player so that’s three.

— Indy Red

Thierry Henry: Firmino Could Be the Next Suarez, So No Pressure, Kid

We never found another Torres. But we found Suarez yay.
So we might not find another Suarez, but we might have found Firmino. Let’s keep it like that.

— Jatin025

Newcastle United Appoint Former Liverpool Manager Rafa Benítez

Elizabeth: CHUCK: IMPORTANT QUESTION. What does your Newcastle-loving brother think of this appointment?

Chuck: Good question! My sources have secured a quote

"It’s a true 180 for a team that looked destined for Championship football. We can now be optimistic with a top manager like Benítez. The future’s bright, the future’s black and white."

He’s been checking his phone non-stop all week hoping Newcastle could appoint Rafa before he changes his mind. Before Newcastle lost to Bournemouth last weekend, I told him that defeat would be the best thing for Newcastle so they can appoint a new manager before it’s too late. Obviously he wanted his team to win, but after they lost, he was despondent. Never seen him so frustrated with Newcastle, but he thinks they’ll stay up now. Really happy for him!

Elizabeth: to be fair, their future is always black and white

Tras: Fuckin’ Ashley… won’t even pay for colour!

Klopp Thanks Kop for Atmosphere

I'd like to thank Klopp for taunting the away end with his white jacket.

— gunsofbrixton

Liverpool FC Transfer News: Reds to Trigger Timo Horn’s Release Clause

jeremy.wyenberg: Spoiler Text here
A spine of Horn, Can, Gotze, and Reus will be delightful.
As much as I used to bang the Reus drum...I just don’t see this happening. Would prefer a younger attacker.

Edit: Damn you formatting for not totally blocking out my spoiler quote.

Edit2: Gotze. I want Gotze.

legendarywalton: Götze work on that formatting bro.

Ex-Red Claims Liverpool Lack Passion

And your team also had a player that attacked you with a golf club, so maybe aggression isn't the best thing.

— Chief Ralphie the Red

Lovren: “It’s Always Great to Beat Manchester United”

Zach: Am I a jerk for pointing out that Lovren has never beaten United with Liverpool?

Chief Ralphie the Red: But was his head in Liverpool when we beat United or...?

Rumo(u)r Mongering: Spurs in for £25m Henderson?

Hell no!. Quick costing model

Base Price for right footed senior player – 10m
Football Intelligence – 15m
Gegenpressing – 5m
English Player Premium – 8m
Liverpool Captain Premium – 5m
Ads, likeability & Marketability – 5m

Total = 48m

There you have it future buyers, 48m + £1 is what it would take!!

— LiverpoolNigerian

Lucas Leiva Eyes Early April Return

Are Klopp and Lucas making pottery in that picture

— Agent moyes

Liverpool 2, Manchester United 0: First Thoughts

I just got back from the best game of my entire life
The fans, the performance, the atmosphere. Everything was boss. Great game.
Now I’ll read first thoughts. High fives all around.

— RedWalker

Staff Comment

Liverpool 2, Manchester United 0: First Thoughts

Harshit Vatsyayan: Can we have a petition
to get pony back??
These are the times I miss it the most.

Zach: First thoughts are whatever you want them to be :D

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If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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