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Rumo(u)r Mongering: Spurs in for £25m Henderson?

The Sun goes full fantasy with a Tottenham Hotspur move for Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The Sun is reporting that Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy have put their heads together on Tottehman's Summer transfer plans to come up with a top of list target: 25 year old Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson. Right.

Now, don't get us wrong, our favorite type of transfer rumor is the completely made up kind. The purist might try to argue that the only type of transfer rumor is that is worthwhile is the one that ultimately comes to fruition. That rare seed based on a quote or two that makes it from gossip columns, to comment sections, to Twitter, to punditry shows, until that once fancied player is leaning on things in his new colors. The exception that proves the rule, in other words.

That is all fine and well, but there is just something about the absurdly outlandish rumor that fills us with joy. And this Henderson to Spurs one checks that absurd box, alright. Boy, does it ever.

First of all, there are no quotes in this article, which is the telltale sign of completely made up fabricated mongering. Secondly, the crux of this rumor is that Pochettino has gone to Levy to ask his chairman to make Liverpool an offer they cannot refuse. Only the offer is completely worthy of rebuke.

£25m for a mid-20s, positionally flexible Premier League Proven (tm) England international is one thing. That the figure would be enough to take that profile of player off of a direct intra-league rival is quite another. Never mind that this player is also highly rated enough within said intra-league rival's set up to be counted on as the first team captain. Further, the system Pochettino runs that would have him considering Henderson as such a prized asset is not at all dissimilar to the system Henderson's current manager, Jürgen Klopp, runs.

Now, the cynical among us might consider Henderson's fluctuations in form this season and point to that as reason enough to move the player on. Thankfully, that sort of finicky shortsightedness is not the sort of perspective that drives squad building in the real world.

Jordan Henderson hasn't been the best central midfielder in this Liverpool side all year, but he's getting the job done just fine, thank you, and he's playing on one leg. Heal that leg and there is zero reason to expect Henderson to do anything other than improve above and beyond the considerable output he has given Liverpool since being purchased during the Dalglish-Commolli years.

The player has exceptional passing range, physical drive for the press, a developing knack for arriving as a target on the break, and by all accounts is an exceedingly important on and off field presence for this team. He fits any number of tactical rolls for Herr Klopp, as he has done for Dalglish and Rodgers. He has the respect of his teammates, and as soon as he scores another goal or gets another assist, you can expect that the impressionable masses will be back to passionately backing him once again.

Jordan Henderson to Spurs? Pochettino has a better chance at signing Jordan, Michael this summer.

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