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Lallana: Liverpool Out for "Revenge" Against Manchester United, and Also Hugs

Losing to Manchester United is never fun, which is why Klopp favourite Adam Lallana is looking forward to a dealing out a little bit of retribution to Liverpool's arch rivals.

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Liverpool haven't had the results they would have preferred in recent matches against Manchester United, but Thursday's Europa League tie that sees the arch rivals square off for the first time in continental competition offers the Reds a chance for redemption. It's a chance that Adam Lallana is highly anticipating.

"The manager mentioned to us that he wanted the tie," Lallana said. "It's well known he was happy and excited for the draw. As players this is what you want - big games with big pressure, especially when you come out on top. Everyone is up for it.

"It's mouthwatering, really. The way results have gone against United over the last couple of seasons, it is a chance to put things right and get some revenge."

But it's not all ruthless vengence in Lallana's world. No, in between training sessions and modelling campaigns, Lallana found time to speak about the most important of motivators: hugs from Jürgen Klopp.

"It was his first game so I didn't know what to expect coming off the pitch," Lallana explained. "He went for a big hug and I just fell into his arms, looking exhausted. His big arms almost wrapped around me twice. It has been known ever since that he likes a hug from his players. That is just a sign of his appreciation for you working hard for him, for the team, for the way he wants to play.

"It means a lot that as a player if your manager is genuinely showing some affection to you. If they show thanks it makes you feel good, makes you want to do it again and keep going, work when you're tired and give it your best. I've got a really good relationship with the manager ever since he has come here."

Fans will hope there are ample moments for Klopp hugs on Thursday, because winning can always be improved by maximum team adorbs. If Liverpool can secure a win, it will set them up well for the second leg at Old Trafford and possible advancement to the next round of the tournament. Do it for the hugs!

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