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The Week in Comments: "I’ll believe it when Aidy ward is his agent"

We revisit a tiny handful of the comments made on the site in the past week.

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Community Comments

Rumour Mongering: Sturridge Returns to Training, So Naturally He Wants Out of Liverpool

I’ll believe it when Aidy ward is his agent

— tkired
The treatment table is not always comfier on the other side Danny

— Agent Moyes
Well, there's something else that distinguishes him from Danny Ings and Flanno.

To me, it is most telling that an interview with Sergio Aguero published about two weeks ago goes completely unremarked in the press, while words get put into Sturridge’s mouth to the same effect. Here is what Aguero said:
"Now I realise the slightest discomfort and I won’t risk myself, as happened to me for the home game against Sunderland in December.

"I started the previous game against Arsenal when I felt a slight pain in my knee, and I was told, ’That’s it, you’re coming off’.
I love Aguero; I’m not bashing him and I don’t disagree with him. I’m just pointing out that the media have not bashed Aguero for saying the same things that they have been maliciously attributing to Daniel Sturridge (who has never said any such things). And you have to ask yourself why.

— Farce of Nature

Liverpool's £38M Brazilian Target Chooses China

Tex: Since I was small boy, I have dreamed of playing for Liverpool Jiangsu Suning

— Tras

Liverpool 2, Sunderland 2: Man of the Match

Luis Suarez Dentist: Thumbs up to the kind hearted individual who gave Migs a thumb up. Alternatively, Migs stop voting for yourself!

Ignignokt: He's trying to block the downvotes but they just deflect into the net.

Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2: First Thoughts

Well lucky we only allowed them 2 shots on target all match
Can’t imagine when a team gets 5 shots against us.

— R2D_2

Liverpool Track Coventry City Youngster James Maddison

Sign that I'm getting old
All 19 year old players look about 12 years old to me.

— Luis Suarez Dentist

smooth sailing was a champ all week with explanations about the nitty gritty of club finances, but this comment on FSG's investment in Liverpool is worth reading many times.

Staff Comment

"Ingsy" To Start Light Training Today

Tuesday will be his first time outside again.
our rehab programs are a lot more medieval than i had thought

— latortillablanca

Community Notes

liverpool blog fc sbn

If it's not on this list, what was your favourite comment (not made by you!) this week?

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