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Liverpool Fan Vote: Set Piece Solidity, Healthy Hamstrings, or Chicken Tenders

A day on from the 2-2 loss to Sunderland, we ask the tough question of which is more desirable: healthy hammies, set piece defense, or delicious chicken tenders.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Bit of a weird last 24 hours for the mighty Reds of Liverpool.  No end to the discussion on ticket prices, perhaps rightly so. Jürgen Klopp get appendicitis before the match against Sunderland and gets rushed to the hospital for the emergency procedure. Then said Sunderland game gets going, Roberto Firmino does his thing, and Liverpool build a two goal lead, and then the walk out happens. Coincidentally, that is also the point when they magically stop defending, and end up giving Sam Allardyce's Black Cats a point.

And as insulting it is to watch Adam Johnson put in a free kick, and then Jermain Defoe's 47 year old leg to swivel and shoot for the draw, there were injuries on the day as well. Dejan and Joe Allen going down to join their manager, and about two dozen other Liverpool players on the trainer's table. And really, that recurring pattern of set piece goals conceded and injuries suffered is something we're just about fed up with.

It's something we never want to see again! We want to never see Mignolet flapping at a ball off a corner kick. We'd appreciate it if critical injuries stopped hitting this team for at least a week or two on the bounce. We want it so bad that we'd be willing to sacrifice for it. And not a worthless sacrifice, either, we're talking real loss here. We want an end of season run for Liverpool with no more set piece goals conceded, and no more injuries so bad, we'd give up chicken tenders for it. Yeah, we said it.

So, we put the question to you, the people. What do you want more: no more set piece goals, no more hamstring injuries, or chicken tenders. The choice is yours.

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