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Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2: First Thoughts

Fans step out and Reds misstep to a losing draw.

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Liverpool 2 Firmino 59', Lallana 70'
Sunderland 2 Johnson 82', Defoe 88'

  • Pregame Thoughts: Don't know about you good people, but we are still shaking from that Mahrez performance--what a player. Liverpool have themselves a player in Joe Allen, by the way, who has ridden impressive substitute and cup performances all the way into a start in the league. There's a lot of balance in a Hendo-Can-Allen midfield three, and we have our eye on that as a springboard for success in this one. 

  • Milner-Hendo press on the right leads to a backwards switch of play from Sunderland that's tracked down in unison by Lallana, Firmino, and Allen. A continuation of that sort of positioning is going to turn Sunderland over.

  • Henderson opts for a bit of no-look, left-footed lavender to lay the ball 5 yards straight behind him to an open Can - we'll take that sort of arrogance all day, please. Closer to goal, maybe.

  • Red Panda with a lovely long grounder releasing Clyne on the overlap for a cross. Mmhmmmm.

  • Kololol! Lovren goes out with appendicitis cos hamstrings are so 2015, already--didn't you know?

  • Fair to say the Reds have that left to right, and right to left swing of possession down, then? Maybe we could work on finding something through the middle at some point here, as well. Just saying.

  • Lallana inches away from that well paced high ball in from Alby. Milner with nice work subsequently to play in Can(?) on the deck in the box. The receiving turn was telegraphed, though, and swept up by O'Shea.

  • Double team between Lallana and Hendo pinches possession in the heart of Sunderland's defensive midfield and releases Moreno down the left for a shot. That is the way.

  • Gross ankle turn for Watmore, ensued by detailed discussion from the medical doctor calling the game about the delicacy and movement of ankles.


  • Quick steppin little warm up for Studge on the sideline--is it hot in here? 

  • Milner attacking the left side of the box now, low ball in splits the difference between Firmino and Allen.

  • Damnit, Alby. Wake up. Damnit, Joe. Say it ain't so.

  • Firmino with a creme brulee of a back heel releasing Lallana down the left. Ibe's run was taking him away from the ball in, though, much easier that way.

  • Half-time Thoughts: The great news for Liverpool is that Zeljko's just as entertaining to watch watch football as Klopp, with his muted expressiveness a satisfying yin to Jürgen's yang. Firmino also started getting involved with a couple shots and passes eventually. Gotta be able to take more shots from closer in if this is going to happen, though. And it'd be nice if when we get those shots w- SQUIRRELL!!! Our halftime team talk include veggies, brown rice, scrambled egg, and some American hog. 

  • Troy Deeney and Valon Behrami come out wearing Watford kits for Liverpool in the second half. It's a gutsy call by Buvac, lets see how it works out for him.

  • Firmino again creating offense, springing Moreno for that tap in chance across goal. Have to say, Dr. House has a point about no one making that final run towards the ball in.

  • Firmino making a fejuada out of Sunderland's central bits there, leaving them with a knucklepuck swerving just right of the top corner to remember him by.

  • GOAL Roberto Firmino 59' VAI, PORRA, VAI!!!!!! ROBERTO FIRMINO. What a fuggin player!!!

  • Commentator's take on the goal: I'm sure news will quickly filter through to their absent manager. Yes, the messenger boy has hastily tucked the letter into his satchel and adjusted his cap prior to embarking upon a cross-town sprint to interrupt Herr Klopp's supper and deliver word of goal.

  • Sunderand cut open the right side of defense for a left footed strike from left footer van Aanhold who put it mildly wide of the left side. PHEW.

  • This side to side shit feels much more useful at 1-0 up.

  • GOAL Adam Lallana 70' Firmino presses, Firmino overturns possession, Firmino runs into the box, ball glued to his left. Firmino looks up and calmly plays just behind the defender, and into Lallana's stride. Lallana takes one more to set, and passes into the net. Mufuggegenpressing.

  • Lallana, still breathless from Firmino's sexual healing, times his run perfectly for a ball over the top, but has zero gas leftover for an approach on goal, and bangs the ball off the defender.

  • This side to side shit feels much more useful at 2-0 up. 

  • Buvac seems nonplussed on 77'. Buvac seems nonplussed? Buvac is nonplussed.

  • GOAL Adam Johnson 82' Some quality on the free kick? Or is it more Mignolet with some Liverpool quality on the free kick defending?

  • One Brazilian cuts the game open, Liverpool hoping another Brazilian can ice this game for them with Lucas Leiva.

  • GOAL Jermain Defoe 89' Defoe? 

  • Sensational spank from Ebay on one, and some probing, but its two points thrown away.

liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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