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Klopp: Too Often Liverpool "Didn't Make the Right Decision" Against Leicester

Exhaustion is clearly setting in across the entire squad, and even Jürgen Klopp is starting to get a bit cranky.

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Leicester have been at the top or near the top of the table for most of the season, a position which would normally afford Liverpool a bit of slack on earning any points during an away fixture. With Liverpool causing one of the Foxes only losses on the season and the refusal of some to take Leicester seriously as title contenders even this far into the season, there was a feeling that Liverpool might have been able to earn at least a point on the day. But it was not to be, and Jürgen Klopp is kinda pissed.

"I'm still not completely in the mood to analyse, to be honest," Klopp said after the match. "It's nice to be in the stadium when Jamie Vardy scores the goal of the month, but in an ideal world you would not be the manager of the other team! You saw that this (first) goal made the difference tonight. There's not much more I can say.

"I think our plan was good. We knew how we had to force ourselves to play, we knew about the kind of defending, the higher press and the need to play over the wings. We had time, we had the ball, we had opportunities in the box. But we didn't find the right decision often enough."

Klopp repeated the need for him to cool down a bit before fully being able to articulate his feelings on Liverpool's loss, reflecting the same frustration felt by fans and presumably the players. A helpful member of the press gallery chalked up Liverpool's failures to Leicester's "intensity", but Klopp brushed this reasoning aside.

"That is your opinion?" he shot back. "Okay, maybe the reason is that we had six games more in January? It's very easy to ask these things. We had a lot of good situations. Our problem today was not that we needed to run more, or to run more intensively. Our problem was when we had the ball in the right position, we didn't make the right decision.

"But they had 10 days off and we had three games in that time. If we could have played the same intensity as them, then I think they (Leicester) would have been doing something wrong!"

Klopp has said he doesn't like to complain about the busyness of the fixture list, but like it or not the congestion has real world consequences for Liverpool's players. Leicester's performance can't all be chalked up to adequate rest, of course, but  Liverpool will have to be content with only three days off before they're back at it against Sunderland on Saturday. And then West Ham on Tuesday. The grind continues.

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