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Liverpool 1, Man City 1 (aet; 1-3 pens): First Thoughts

Yowzas at the Wembley.

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Liverpool 1 Coutinho 83'
Man City 1 Fernandinho 49',

  • Pregame Thoughts: Pellegrini's selection of Sagna, Clichy, and Caballero should be an insult to Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, and Dan Sturridge. Let's eat.

  • A little less conversation, a little more action from that early, low ball in from Moreno and it maybe reaches either of Bobby and Phil, who were arriving well.

  • Jürgy's lookin dapper AF. NO LOOK PASS WE HAVE A NO LOOK PASS ALERT

  • This lineup is starting to look very comfortable for Liverpool.  On the ball, at least.

  • Yaya with a ridiculous run up the gut, passed three defenders, and feeds Sagna, almost getting it back on a crashing header in the box. Well cleared by the Reds.

  • Someone tell Mama we'll be the team wearing Red today. Scary moment as both him and Emre go through no concussion protocol after a severe clashing of heads.

  • Fernando Reges looks to be catching his stride in this City side. Still would have been a great signing for Liverpool when he was coming over from Portugal.

  • Hendo giving Sterling the full beans on a slide and gets his aggressiveness turned against him with a nutmeg by City's #7.  Helluva competition there between two of England's best.

  • Phil's on one today. 

  • An unholy City break gives Aguero the chance to add to Sakho's concussion with a broken ankle. What a turn that was. And a spank that hits the upright after excellent positioning/read from Migs to cut Aguero's angle that bit wide.

  • Seriously, though, rough day at the office for Mama. Kololol comes on. Mama throws tantrum, but seriously both him and Can should have come off immediately.

  • Anytime we get Coutinho on the ball today, he's making something happen with his passing. 

  • Otamendi's entire follicular stylings are as ridiculous as his defending is robust and ruthless. 

  • No, but Coutinho almost got enough action on the shot to slam it into the side netting. Continue feeding him.

  • Stadium rings with boos every time Sterling's on the ball, but City are about as scarily direct on the break as could be feared.

  • Clyne-Hendo-Milner have given as good, so far, but it's so deadly every time Silva comes over to compound a Yaya to Sterling connection. Silva has that impact pretty much everywhere he's going today. David Silva may have a future in this game.

  • Lucas with a one-footed, sliding deathpedo on Aguero. Good to know the Brazil-Argentina rivalry is still alive and well, then.

  • Phil, target's that a way, buddy.

  • Halftime: Liverpool really have had some nice, progressive play on the ball today. Either team would have been worthy of a goal there. Our halftime team talk includes nommy omelette, bacon, and friendly neighborhood costa rican blend.

  • ****GOAL**** Fernandinho 49' Aguero held it up well as Moreno either failed to get called off by Lucas or didn't listen, allowing Fernandinho daylight on the overlap. At any rate, da fuq was that, Simon?

  • Studge a little peripheral as he quietly drifts wide, waiting for his chance. Be an awful nice time to start getting some shots in, DS15.

  • Holy schnikes that was a nice interchange to present Milly with a left footer from the corner of the 6. Still not on target, though.

  • Phil still havin fun out there.


  • Hot damn we got sliced apart like a nice prosciutto there.

  • Alberto Moreno not called for a low scorpion tail whip, which is a great technique for hacky sack, maybe not so great for a tackle on Kun Aguero, one v one in your own half. 

  • And then he goes back for Fernandinho to make sure he does get called for something. Get him out of the game.

  • Game's slowed down, City falling into their rhythm for skillful interchange in possession. This easily goes 2-0 if Liverpool can't change things.

  • Incredible interception and dribble to take possession and get out of trouble from Lucas, there. Absolutely needed that.

  • Lallana on, Moreno out, they asked Milly to play at LB. He said OK.

  • Firmino's really been off the boil this half. Origi may be in for him should inject some urgency in those areas.



  • Simon Mignolet saves what he wants, Fernando.

  • Clear handball for Silva when through, got the Moreno call back, then.

  • Simon Mignolet, he saves what he wants, Yaya.

  • YNWA at 90--YES.

  • Extra Time: So it's come to this.

  • The panini sticker commercial is exceptional. THEY THREW AN ENTIRE PARTY JUST FOR THAT KID TO OPEN HIS PACK OF CARDS!!!!

  • Mark Strong comes on for Sagna. Is there anything this man can't do?

  • Studge getting into his overdribble steeze a bit. That's fine as long as he finds himself a goal here, but can kill us in good positions.

  • Kompany going Full Ashley Williams on Phil there. 

  • Simon Mignolet saves what he wants, Kun.



  • City bring on Treebeard for Silva, Blech on a free kick from Studge.


  • Aaaaand Sturridge broke.

  • Waffles versus the gentleman in a penalty shootout to end it. Caballero wins it.

liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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