Based on playing time (or lack thereof) Liverpool are almost certain to sell Benteke. That leaves Sturridge, Origi, Ings and Firmino as strikers. If Klopp plays a single striker that seems like plenty of numbers, though I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with Ings as the starting option -- a big fan but might not be the quality Liverpool need to be a top-4 team, and Origi has a lot of growing to do. So what about moving for Berahino? Watching the West Brom/Crystal Palace match and Berahino has looked very good. I know he's had issues this past season but might be a good fit and is still young. If Sturridge can stay fit this is a non-issue, but not sure he can stay fit.

And yeah, there are more pressing issues -- a LB who can defend (Flanno?), a top class CM, and a top class winger are a must, and I wouldn't say no to ter Stegen.

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