Liverpool still miss Gerard

Let's get serious. We would all like to see Gerard back at Liverpool. There were moments tonight when I thought to myself, Stevie G would have buried that. But when Henderson missed that effort, I just shook my head, knowing that Gerard would have hammered it into the top of that goal. But thats not the only reason why..

Liverpool have a decent attacking squad. It's not your Messi-Suarez-Neymar exciting, but there are moments when you actually appreciate a move.The credit to this, apart from the players, goes a lot deal to the Coaching staff. I won't centralise it to Klopp and his team only, but Brendan Rodgers brought in the attacking mentality back to Liverpool. His only problem was that he never had a plan B.

Klopp is brilliant. He reads the game well and isn't afraid of changing things or taking a chance. When Liverpool had their defensive issues in December-January (not the shambolic display, but the centre-back injuries), Klopp went in for Steven Caulker. Decent and experienced. Then you find Caulker right up there with Benteke vs Arsenal and then vs Man-Utd. Firmino as a false 9/no. 9 vs Man City. I'm sure once he builds the team he wants, Liverpool would be challenging for the league again. Today, he could have gone defensive when he took off Coutinho and Sturridge, but instead brought in Teixeira and Origi. Klopp isn't afraid.

Anyhow, back to the topic. Wouldn't you rather have Gerard playing instead of Lucas? Basically, it would be great if he came back. But then again, he's moved on. But can we? Can the Klopp factor bring him back?

The MLS doesn't look as challenging as the premier league. No offence to the MLS, but the teams in the Premier League have it rough as compared to most of the other top leagues in my opinion. The fixture list is straining and the standard of teams lower down the table is much better in the Premier League. Gerard can give Liverpool a good 20-25 games a season, if not more, so long as he keeps himself free from injury. But that is not the main reason I want to see him back.

Gerard is still an amazing player, and would easily fit right back into the team, crossing the ball 40 yards, and banging in some goals. We could definitely do with his creativity and energy. We need that passion back. I would however, like to see Gerard back in a Player-Coach role. Klopp can help Gerard evolve into a great manager. Gerard would learn a lot playing under Klopp, both as a player and also from the footballing aspect. He reads the game well, but sitting next to Klopp and listening to what's going on in his mind, would make him better, even as a player. Also, not to mention the experience he would pass on to the rest of the lads in training.

Jurgen Klopp is right up there with the likes of Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho. I would love to see him be at Liverpool for a long time, and honestly he is the best chance Liverpool have to major trophy. Although, there shall come a day when he shall be bored and would like a new challenge, and on that day, who better to take over than Steven Gerard?

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