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Liverpool 1, Augsburg 0: First Thoughts

Lucky to get the penalty? Probably, but it was enough to see Liverpool through to the next round.

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Liverpool 1: Milner 5' (pen)
Augsburg 0:

  • Pre-game Thoughts: Papa Lucas gets the call to fill in at the back, and I'm oddly OK with that fact. I don't know how long its been since I've been this excited for a Europa League match, but it's been a long time. Anyway, Famous European Anfield Night™, hope the lads can rise to the occasion. Oh yes, and that unforgettable Europa League anthem... 

  • An early warning shot as Caiuby latches on to a ball in acres of space, but thankfully fires the shot over the crossbar. 

  • GOAL! Augsburg midfielder Kohr accidentally handles the ball in the box after being nudged by a teammate on a cross. It's harsh, but a penalty is awarded, and Milner coolly slots it, 1-0 to Reds.

  • Apparently Howard Webb said it was a "definite penalty" which only reinforces my belief that it was an incorrect call. 

  • Firmino goes glory hunting, trying to hit a half-volley from distance, but it innocently bounces past the far post. He had Milner and (an offside) Sturridge in the box ahead of him, and both are a wee bit upset at the Brazilian's decision making. 

  • Liverpool aren't exactly buzzing, but they are creating some early chances. Sturridge goes a bit early again and the play is stopped for offside. Moments later Coutinho gets through but fires his first-time shot straight at the keeper. 

  • The Reds are really starting to look dangerous going forward as they grow into the game. Unfortunately, Augsburg have also looked dangerous in their few forays into Liverpool territory. 

  • Mignolet makes a save! Woo! 

  • Papa Lucas nearly commits a disastrous error. His back pass never reached Mignolet, instead falling to Caiuby, who thankfully can't take full advantage of the situation. 

  • Halftime: The Mighty Reds will be disappointed not to be in further in front at the half after a pretty dominant performance so far. Liverpool have nearly 60% of the possession, more corners (7-1), more shots (7-3), and more shots on target (5-1). But Augsburg are still very much in this, as an equalizer would suddenly put Liverpool in danger of elimination. 

  • Sturridge shoots just wide of the far post with a right-footed effort from inside the box. He was offside (again) but the flag stayed down and he should have made it 2-0 there. 

  • Because Liverpool need to continue being bad for the ol' heart, an Augsburg set play creates a dangerous chance for the visitors just moments after Sturridge's shot. 

  • Milner putting in a pretty good shift tonight. Been making runs in behind all night, and linking up well with the front three. Also, he scored. Not boring, James!

  • If Liverpool dominated the first half, the run of play is much more even after the first 15 minutes of the second. 

  • Hendo completely misses Milner making a run into space, instead giving it away trying to thread a difficult pass into the box. Kloppo is not overly happy with the captain's decision. 

  • Origi comes on for Sturridge. Danny ain't too happy about being taken off. He'll be even more upset when the trainers put him in bubble wrap, and lock him away until Sunday.
  • Mignolet comes up big again! Quickly coming off the line to save a 1v1. 

  • It's official, Liverpool are just not going to get another goal tonight. Henderson hits a sitter straight at the keeper, and anxiety continues to rise at Anfield. 

  • Teixeira comes on for Couts. Get in, Original Recipe. 

  • BIG chance for Augsburg. Five minutes left in regulation and at least as five heart attacks to survive between now and the final whistle. Speaking of, a free kick in a very dangerous area...which had Mignolet beat and very nearly creeps in the top corner. 

  • Is it play it into the corner and waste time time? You betcha. 

  • Full Time: It was just enough. It was a night where Liverpool created enough to put the tie to bed early, but that second goal just wasn't going to come. Regardless, this is Europe, and all that matters is surviving and advancing. And advance they did, on to the Round of 16!

  • P.S. Come on FC Midtjylland!

liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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