Will Free Spending Club's Ruin Klopp's Summer Shopping Spree?

What do Manchester City, Manchester United, and Chelsea all have in common? Their seasons have all fallen short of expectations, they will all have new managers heading into the Summer and they are all flush with cash. Such occurrences can only mean one thing: shitloads of HUGE transfers.

Depending on how the final league table shapes up Tottenham could very well find themselves with an enhanced warchest of their own. And if City, United, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, and Liverpool all have extensive shopping lists what are the odds that a club like Arsenal will sit on their hands??? nevermind

Point is regardless of how much money Klopp has to work with, he may find himself fighting the same uphill battle that Brendan Rodgers lost. It doesn't matter how much you spend as long as someone else is willing to spend more.

What are your expectations this Summer?

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