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Obsessive Liverpool Disorder: Day Off Edition

In this edition of OLD, we look at some productive ways to spend your extra two hours this weekend.

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Last time out, Obsessive Liverpool Disorder couldn't be fussed to watch Exeter vs. Liverpool. Now, for the first time in a long time, we find ourselves with no Liverpool match to watch, and wondering what to do with our free time. Well, we have some solutions for all you Liverpool obsessed fans:

  • Take the dog for an extra long walk: Pro: Get outside! Enjoy some fresh air! Let your dog sniff every last square inch of your neighborhood, and mark as much territory as its bladder will allow. Con: Only applicable if you have a dog, and your neighbor still hasn't forgiven you after "borrowing" hers last time. 

  • Watch other football teams: Pro: Discover a world beyond Liverpool! Learn about different players, teams, or even leagues you normally wouldn't have time for! Con: You won't actually watch other leagues, but instead will end up hate-watching Manchester United, as usual. 

  • Watch a movie: Pro: The Academy Awards are right around the corner, and you really need to check out some of the Best Picture nominees. Con: You won't actually watch any of the Best Picture nominees, but instead pop in Top Gun for the 168th time.  

  • Spend time with friends and family: Pro: You're always flaking on these people because of Liverpool, so it'll be great to catch up. Con: You remember why you initially started flaking on your friends and family to watch football. 

  • Read a book: Pro: It's been a long time since you could just relax and enjoy a good book on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Con: A cursory look at the bookshelf reveals a long list of books that you have either read, started to read but didn't want to finish, or ones that you didn't want to read to begin with. So you dust off the Kindle only to find that it's out of battery. Maybe next time. 

  • Housework: Haha, no. 

  • Waste time online doing nothing special: Pro: You won't feel guilty after this inevitably becomes the case. Con: You've just wasted two hours of your life arguing with your racist uncle on Facebook. The world is still not a better place.
As for me, I plan on spending the extra two hours studying for classes and then doing exactly not that. How will you spend your extra time normally devoted to Liverpool this weekend?

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