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(Jürgen Klopp) Pulled Up (Liverpool)

The name of this piece is tall, and that's what it's about.

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To watch the magnificence that is the 6'4" Jürgen Klopp's natural latitude is one thing. To watch it splice itself upon Liverpool Football Club's decades-earned obsession with it's own sub-top-4 longitude is an adventure so self realized it asks only the most delicate of pauses prior to it's intoxicating plunge.

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Which we haven't felt.

We're about to feel the rise of the silver beast we'd awakened under Kenny Dalglish. Maybe. Key players are getting fit at a key time. So far. Which is going to lead to goals. Or so it is hoped.

But it's all so close the one week and not so close the other that what do we talk about? Six to nil sparks a nil to nil within a week. We have a cup on deck and little space between for enjoyment. But damn it if you don't feel owed a bit of celebratory two-steppin during this surprise of a Year 0.3.0.

And so you'll be excused if you take a path of least resistance in enjoying the goalscoring exploits during the win at Villa Park. The name of this problem is Talking Heads, and sometimes good football just needs to take A Clean Break off work to remember it's a game.

For example, Alberto Moreno is funny. Looks funny. He looks like Steven Gerrard felt the love one night with Xabi Alonso and they decided to move their family to California once their playing careers were over. No pressure, Xabi.

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And Alberto Moreno brings up an interesting point regarding Liverpool's team building under Klopp. Size. It is an undeniable fact that Alby Moreno is shorter than some estimates of global average height at 5'7".

But then Moreno would be joined by one Philippe Coutinho in those 5'7" ranks. And by Andres Iniesta, Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba,  and Philip Lahm. David Silva and Sergio Aguero are 5'8". Fabio Cannavaro, Pablo Zabaleta, and Neymar are purveying from two inches taller than these lads at 5'9". Every inch counts.

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Especially quality inches.

The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads is better than any other Talking Heads offering, not because it is their tallest album. Although, David Byrne does go Big Suit for that show. It is the best because both the band and the guest musicians are are so quality. Fitting right in to the jam.

That's a bit like the transfer window hope. That's the Sturridge/Coutinho/Firmino hope. That you find the right world class mix by continuing to shuffle the deck of an international transfer pot. And the mix doesn't always have to be for world class talents, so long as it is suiting the group. Big suiting it, preferably.

Examine Martin Skrtel. The defender is totally fine and he basically has the skill set of Joel Matip. But Matip's also got an ace in his sleeve--the Cameroonian is younger! And maybe he will have a better understanding with Lovren, or with Sakho, or with Gomez. And if bringing him in is the final piece of a settled center back situation, then that shuffling of the deck is a brilliant move. Almost as brilliant as patience.

liverpool blog fc sbn

Patience is important. Patience gave us Lucas Leiva, for example.

Lucas didn't have an outstanding start to his career at Liverpool. And a major part of that was a lack of patience. The former box-to-box Gremio midfielder arrived in England at a critical juncture for Rafa Benitez's post-Istanbul era. Lucas arrived during prime Xabi Alonso and Steven Gerrard, and he couldn't really pass or move like either player. And the fans let him hear it.

Listen to the guy in 2008:

Fulham was the worst moment because it was the first time anything like that had happened to me but it was an experience I could learn from... Maybe it will happen again but now I have the experience. You have to understand the supporters. They were expecting Xabi [Alonso] that time and he was on the bench. The game wasn't good, we were not playing well so I understand. Playing well is the only way you will change it.

And listen to him now:

It's been a lot of up and down, as everyone knows, but I think my life, especially here for Liverpool, has always been like this. I've always had to fight until the end and just show every single day that I really love the club and I do everything I can to help.

"Sometimes it doesn't work too well but that's life, that's football, and you just have to keep going and fighting because if you show passion and determination I think that's the first thing people want to see. After that it's the performance but I think I've been having a good season.

Lucas Leiva is inarguably a locker room leader, Liverpool's best defensive midfielder, and an incredible emergency center back option. He's also proof that patience and development are important components of a successful time in this game of football.

And just like David Byrne pausing ahead of the first chorus on a live bender of Book I Read, it feels like Klopp's Liverpool are processing the available options. In the first team as well as the transfer window. Seeing what's going to become a part of the short and medium term future that Klopp himself said should take no longer than four seasons to deliver a league title.

The truth is perhaps closest to a combination of all of these things. Certainly, you can have big, tall players and new transfers, while also maintaining patience with the shorter, smaller options, already available in your squad. Mostly it will come down to all of these factors. Or maybe it's just patience? Just a shred of patience? Even Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have had to learn patience.

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