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Augsburg 0, Liverpool 0: First Thoughts

A disappointing away draw in Germany leaves Liverpool with a lot of work left to do in the second leg.

Nowhere to hide from that result...
Nowhere to hide from that result...
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Augsburg 0:
Liverpool 0:

  • Pre-game Thoughts: FC Midtjylland just served up a warning to English squads who think they can just stroll through to the next round. Liverpool will need to be at their best tonight to be able to head back to Anfield with a result. The same XI start tonight as started against Villa, hopefully that means good things. The front three of Firmino, Coutinho, and Sturridge should give us plenty of firepower in the final third, and this is as good a night as any for Sturridge to finally show what he can do for Liverpool in Europe. Also, I love seeing captain Jordan Henderson leading us out of the tunnel on a European night. 

  • Thirty seconds in and Liverpool are nearly caught out with a well-placed long ball that is just beyond the Augsburg striker. Disastrous early start averted. Barely. 

  • We all know Klopp likes his comfy athletic wear, but he looks damn good in a suit and tie. 

  • Some good pressing leads to an early chance for Firmino, but he shoots a weak effort straight at the keeper and the game remains knotted a zeroes at this early stage. 

  • A nervy, sloppy start for both sides here in the first 20 minutes. Possession is split about evenly, but neither has shown much cutting edge in the attacking third. 

  • WWK Stadium is rockin'. The fans are putting on a better performance than either side right now. Despite living in Germany for a couple of years, I still think Germans chanting is terrifying. 

  • Augsburg forced into an early sub as striker Bobadilla pulled up with an apparent hamstring knock. Bobadilla has been struggling since the opening couple of minutes, but finally decided he had had enough. 

  • Henderson is furious at Sturridge for not playing him through on a 3 on 3 break. The simplest of through balls would have seen the captain in on goal, but Sturridge instead decides to shoot from well outside the box. The shot is deflected behind for a corner, but still a huge missed opportunity there. 

  • Loads of players slipping around out there, and a Coutinho slip helped lead to an Augsburg break. The slick pitch is definitely something to keep an eye on in the second half. Maybe a change of boots is in order?

  • Augsburg create the best chances of the half, both in stoppage time. The defense completely switched off, and Mignolet had to make a big 1v1 save and then collect a dangerous cross just moments later. Liverpool are lucky to go into the half on equal terms. 

  • Halftime: All told, a pretty ho-hum first half. Prior to the very end, Liverpool probably had slightly better chances, but poor decision-making and sloppy build-up play cost them in the final third. Both sides have had an equal share of the ball, but Augsburg look more confident in both attack and defense. I hope Klopp has some not-so-cool words for the lads at the half. On the plus side, Mignolet stopped the first shot on target. So that's something. 

  • Liverpool's build-up is much better to start the second half. Henderson was picked out on a nifty little through ball, but was incorrectly called offside. Moments later Coutinho and Moreno combine to create a shot, and then Milner just misses picking out Sturridge on a dangerous cross. Whatever was said at halftime seems to be working so far. 

  • Sloppy defending on a free kick and it wasn't us! Unfortunately, the ping-ponging ball refuses to cross the line, and the score remains tied. 

  • Origi on for Sturridge. Go get your goal, kid.

  • After a promising start to the half, Liverpool are looking out of ideas. Augsburg haven't seen as much of the ball in the second half, but they've remained dangerous on the counter. 

  • Ibe on for Milner, whose first involvement is to dribble a ball into a defender and over the touchline for a goal kick. Good start. 

  • Augsburg go close as Ji drives a low shot off the outside of the near post. He had Mignolet well beat, and again, Liverpool are lucky to not go behind.

  • Shoot From Anywhere Coutinho makes his return, as frustration justifiably mounts as the 90 minute mark approaches. 

  • Full Time: There are no easy games at this stage of the competition, but this will still be a disappointing result. Aside from a a brief spell to start the second half, this side looked more likely to concede than to score. An away draw isn't the worst, but the lack of goals will mean no margin of error when the tie resumes at Anfield next week.

liverpool blog fc sbn

We'll be back shortly to take an in-depth look at everything that happened in today's game with the full recap. Until then, let us know your take on the ups and downs of the match in the comments, and if you haven't already, join the community on the Liverpool Offside, where we'll have full coverage and lively in-game discussion for every match this season.

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