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Philipp Lahm: Liverpool Match Might Be "Biggest Highlight" in Augsburg's History

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Looking for an unsolicited opinion from a player not involved in Liverpool's Europa League clash on Thursday? Look no further.

So that's where Piotr Trochowski ended up.
So that's where Piotr Trochowski ended up.
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Liverpool step back into Europa League action on Thursday with the first leg of their Round of 32 tie taking place in Jürgen Klopp's home country, Germany. Liverpool may not have had much success in continental competition in the last decade or so, but the club still commands a certain respect from opponents who might relish the chance to take on one of the historic powers of European football.

One such club are Liverpool's opponents on Thursday, FC Augsburg. The Bavarian club hosted German giants Bayern Munich on the weekend, giving Bayern captain Philipp Lahm an opportunity to speak about a match up that had nothing to do with him in a competition he's not playing in because why not.

"They are hard-working and are very disciplined in defence," Lahm said in an interview with Augsburg's official website. "The meeting with Liverpool is an absolute highlight for Augsburg, if not the biggest highlight in their entire club history. Especially the second leg at Anfield.

"If the team can play to its strength against Jurgen Klopp's XI, they indeed have a chance of making the next round. I, in any case, keep my fingers crossed for FC Augsburg."

Thanks for the support, mein kleiner Kapitän.